Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Okay, so I'm not sure

this is truly a heritage piece... although, it may be now. It didn't belong to any of our family members, but Craig and I bought it on our first anniversary - soooooo, it's been in OUR family for almost thirty years now.
It reminds me of the cabinets in my Mama M's kitchen - 
she had the built in flour sifter, just now in a hoosier cabinet. 
And while, this now sets in our kitchen, it's been a multi-purpose piece throughout the years and served as book shelf, computer table, dish holder, etc. For now it has table linens tucked underneath and office supplies, dog supplies, and floral arranging supplies on top. Oh - and I'm pretty sure there is a couple of Woman's Day magazines from the years the boys were born... just for fun, you know.

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