Monday, August 6, 2012

Got the call from the doctor

and he says the test show my gallbladder isn't the best it could be - but he'd like to 'monitor' it for a while. Honestly - if he'd said that to me last week I think I would have cried. But I've been feeling better and a little more 'normal' each day - so, we'll see, I'm carefully watching what I eat and trying to drink a gatorade each day. And as I felt better I was able to catch up on some of the work that might have slipped a bit the week before... so a good week -
And we've watched our share of the Olympics this week - I've had some fun playing in "The Games" over on the Fiskateer Website. They always have fun challenges - 
will share mine in a couple of days.
And we did the World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday and Saturday - our original plan was to start in Crossville, TN and go to Lexington, KY, but our glider wasn't ready to pick up so we started just north of Chattanooga and made it almost to Kentucky before calling it a day. The only things I was on the look-out for was milk glass sherbet cups and green daisy corelle / pyrex bowls / bakers - like this one:
And I didn't see ONE piece of green pyrex - lots of orange and yellow around this year, and even PINK. But not one green anywhere - who knew it was hard to find? [And yes, I know I could buy it off ebay - but I kind of like the thrill of the hunt] - I did find the milk glass and it was reasonably priced - 4 or 5 of them and I *almost* bought them, but then thought, Really? What am I going to do with them except set them around and have to clean them - lol - 
it's not like I'll be serving sherbet to guests with them - ha. 
SO, didn't get them - I have plenty to dust around already --
Here's what I did get [lighting is terrible - sorry]- Ansel Adams print - [still love his work!] and little hard- bound spiral cookbook for art journaling - have one I'm using now and love it - it's almost full so I need to get this new one prepped and ready to go [I modpodge two pages together throughout to give them a bit more strength.] Next I picked up a little pair of vintage earrings [the average price was $4.00 a set, these were a bit less.] Saw the cute pink and blue canisters [CHEAP] and had to grab them for storage in my new crafty space [so see, ALREADY the evolution continues!] I need to clean them up a bit [one still has sugar in it - ha.] 
One of my favorite "finds" are these  wooden stamps [carved from a solid piece of wood] - they had tons of them so I tried to pick a couple that I thought I could use with ink or paint. As I was paying for them I was told they are fabric stamps from India. 
True, or not - I think they're pretty neat.
 And lastly - I found this cute little case that  I hope to configure into a case for my watercolors, sketch pad, & and art journal - something like this or this.
Oh and I got a vintage wedding card too...
And here's some things that caught my fancy but didn't get:
 LOVE the IDEA of having a vintage VW camper van - this one was so cool - but in reality, I know it wouldn't be practical enough for me.
 Lots and lots of birdhouses - fun, but not for me - I have a cat that likes to eat birds, and something just doesn't seem right about that.
 Or this either - can you win the lotto with Bible trivia?... 
Should you?
 And I loved this idea of taking old wood frames and putting a magnet board in them - fun.
And this? Didn't we have one in our home at one time? It's about three inches long - two and half high -- They wanted $45 for it - didn't get it, but it did make me think of 'home.'
 Loved this little trailer - with all the talk of 'glamping' going around, I had to grab a photo -
But our favorite find of the day? This little two-seater glider [slider, really] that is in a design we've never seen before - tulips! I contemplated getting it - but really don't want a two-seater. 
 My regret? 
Not offering to buy the chairs that matched it 
that were already in someone's truck - lol.
And we broke our self-imposed cardinal 'rule of the yard sale' - never eat vendor food [seriously, there's all kinds of people selling food out of their homes and trucks -] but we didn't have snacks and were in bumper-to-bumper traffic for about 8 hours. So we grabbed a chocolate covered banana [pre-packaged] 
and then the kettle corn [shown above] - delish.
So when evening came along and we drove back to Cookeville to call it a night we enjoyed having a nice leisurely meal at Mauricio's - some of the best bruschetta I've ever had - and the pasta? Delish. We sat outside on a lovely little patio and ate 
while being serenaded by Frank and Dean.  
Very nice indeed.
And then, lucky us - we came home to spend time with the 
youngest who was in for the weekend. 
LOVE having all the kiddos here together!

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Gloria L. said...

Love your treasures, especially the carved stamps! We drove over to Mentone and followed the trail south past Dogtown. We were hot and tired!