Friday, July 27, 2012

Thankfulness is really all about

attitude, isn’t it?
Soooo, during these past ten fourteen days of nearly constant rain I’ve chosen to 
not say how tired I am of it.
We need this rain so much, so – 

I am thankful that our grass is green and I don’t have a quadruple water bill to keep it that way;
I am thankful that it was dry enough one afternoon for us to get out and cut and weed-eat;
I am thankful that the lightening storm that hit ALL AROUND us Monday night didn’t hit any of our trees or cause our power to go out;
I’m thankful my garden is now flourishing and producing fruit for us;
I am thankful for a carport at home and a parking garage at work;
I’m thankful for drive-through windows where I can pick up breakfast and a hot cup of coffee;
I’m thankful for hair products that can semi-tame the humidity induced crazy hair;
I’m thankful for the smell of summer rain on warm pavement [I embrace my weirdness;] and
I’m thankful for rainbows that are seen all over the world 
[LOVED seeing photos of them from friends all over the country on the same afternoon!] – 
LOVE the promise of the rainbow and God’s faithfulness to us! 
We should celebrate the rainbow and what it represents to us as believers!

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Gloria L. said...

Thankful for you, too!