Monday, July 30, 2012

Is it Monday again, already?

This past week is a bit of a blur - while I DID travel for work one  day and 
see this wonderful little vintage glider antique shop -
  I was so sick that I feel like I slept most of the week away.
But somehow, I'm feeling better as I write this - and after losing almost ten pounds this week from not being able to eat [no danger of me wasting away -] I'm happy to report that as the weekend progressed I was able to eat a bit more each time I tried. -There's still a bit of discomfort, but nothing like it was through Friday -- 
I had both tests on the gallbladder on Thursday and should get the results later today --
Meanwhile, a neighbor down the street brought us some of my favorite things-
Oh! My! They are delicious [surprisingly, I can eat them with no problem -]
A few other random bits of the week -
Found this little lantana survivor - 
still in the hanging basket we bought it in, sitting in a neglected flower bed that has not been watered or cared for all summer.  I may have to nurture it a bit more --
I took a class on Saturday - and we altered a book box 
[available at michael's price range from $7-$16.] It was a fun class - loved learning how to stamp on tissue paper and then podging it down [the bicycles -]
Here's another little fun find from michael's:
May have to use a coupon to buy a couple -
 I don't think I'd EVER be able to cut the words out so neatly.
[They had some for the other team too.]
I saw a pretty little bracelet on pinterest that was made from vintage earrings and thought I'd try and make one,
but have you priced vintage earrings lately?
Sooooo, when I saw these charms that LOOK like vintage earrings [to me] I thought I'd give it a go -
as a necklace - it's not all together yet, but I think I'll love it.
And lastly - I watched a little video about sock-roll buns and had to try it for myself!
When I was younger my mom had a little springy mesh donut thingie
that she used to put her hair up in a bun.
And. I. Never. Understood. How. It. Worked.
Well, now I do. 
I did it with an athletic sock and then with a child's sock
[super heros - from the dollar section at Target.] The photo is of the smaller one.
So easy to tuck and roll - google it.
Now... let's have a good week!

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Gloria L. said...

Awaiting results of tests... sorry you are having the pain.