Friday, February 3, 2012

One more alpha art -

– then I’m done for a while – lol – When I’m painting I always like to have a blank surface available to use the excess paint on so I used another of The Dollar Tree purchases [on the left in this photo-]– and you can see that I used the excess paint from 'peace' to paint the background those beautiful greens and blues that I love and then took the BACK of a couple of sticker sheets and put it down and trimmed the edges.. LOVE IT. Love the white and the bits of colors that show through [it was a multi-colored sticker sheet.]
Then I added some metal rimmed letters as the focal point and printed the rest of the quote on the computer – ended with a coat of non-glossy podge. Fun.

PS - MUCH THANKS to my alert friend on facebook who found the mis-spelled word in my artwork below. Seriously - THANK YOU - it will be re-worked tomorrow!!!

And the OMGiveawy winner is on the page up above ---