Wednesday, February 1, 2012


[I INTEND to share these little quotes from pinterset with each month-]
But I also wanted to share one of the ways I'm incorporating my one little word into my art -
– it’s hanging in the foyer right now but will soon be moved to my office, I think. Remember I mentioned my alpha sticker addiction? Well, I decided that I needed to use some of those leftover ones in a fun and creative way so I took a canvas [bought on sale at Jo Ann’s last year for 90% off – wowzers! I got five!] and painted it a nice shaded green background
– then layered the words all over using different sticker fonts and some of my favorite little intentional sayings - l I like it A LOT this way with the multi-colored letters – but my goal was to have something that [somewhat] resembled the subway art I’m seeing everywhere – so I painted over it in dark purple [remember, my whole house is mardi gras colors --] then gently [ha – I waited too long and let it dry a bit too much] pulled the stickers off. It looked ‘okay’ to me – but I set aside a night and grabbed the green paint again and went in and cleaned up the lettering – especially the smaller stickers – you can see that they let a lot of paint seep underneath…and I like this a whole lot more ---

Why the blank upper right? I wanted it to look like a work in progress – believe me, I have PLENTY of alphas and could have continued on… I'd love to see how you're incorporating your one little word into your life and art this year - feel free to put a link in the comments!


Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

OMGOSH!!!! This is great! I love it...

Gloria L. said...

Looks good to me!