Monday, February 6, 2012

And so, it begins -

The Great Bathroom Re-doYaaaaaaaaay!!!!! My calendar is CrAzY these next few weeks and I would love for this to have been planned at a different time [say, before Christmas, when it was originally scheduled.] But you know what? It’s a wonderful feeling to SEE IT HAPPENING!!!! Like many of you with renovation plans, we’ve been talking about this for a while now – really wavering between doing it ourselves [I still think that would be fun if I had plenty of un-hurried time] or pulling someone into to help. So after ‘eating’ my travel expenses into the regular budget and saving months of travel checks – it’s time. [And get this, should be completed in TWO WEEKS. – So no, we’re not doing it on our own. Yooohooo!!!!] I'll do a detailed post once it's completed. They demo'd it ALL while I was at work today. Yipeeee!

I’ve long been a fan of Joanne Sharpe and her wonderful, whimsical, meaningful artwork. So I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to take her on-line class: Letter Love 101. I don’t have any fancy-schmancy art supplies – but am having so much fun! Brings back memories of when I was PR for out little Baptist Student Union in college. I’ve enjoyed some other artsy endeavors this week too – have a couple of fun things upcoming that makes me feel like a ‘real’ artist. LOL. I’ll share as it happens – I’d planned to add a little slide show of current stuff at the end of each month – but alas, slideshow is CLOSING. What will y’all use?!?!

And I’ve read a couple of books, Death By Design [Laura Childs] - – scrapbook mysteries set in New Awlins – complete with recipes at the end of each book - yum [it’s trilogy, three in one book – love to follow ‘my’ characters on different adventures.] Craig and I had a good laugh when he asked if I’d ‘found’ the body yet and suggested that it would have orange handled scissors sticking out and then just a few lines later – THERE IT WAS. Ha. Never named them though – lol.

I’ve happily given up on the chance of snow for this winter – it’s been a mild one, that’s for sure. So it’s time to put my little fence post snow man away for the warmer months. Craig and I made these some years ago – just a rotting fence post [found object, lol] with the top lopped off, a circle of wood put in place and the top replaced – then painted and a dowel inserted through the middle. He's had his dowel replaced at least once. Love him still.

And I enjoyed lunch with friends a couple of days this week – something I need to do better about – taking the time to be with those I love. It was fun and I still stayed within my calorie limits. [LOVE having the little counter app on my phone. It helps me be INTENTIONAL about what I eat.]

Speaking of intentional – thanks to Crystal’s eagle-eyed friend the No re-rets has been fixed! The thing is I’d stared it for days thinking something wasn’t right and just couldn’t see it – so again, THANK YOU!!

And now the madness of my life begins in earnest – it’s all good, and some of it fun, so I’ll take you along with me --


Gloria L. said...

Fun start to the year! Construction is ALWAYS exciting!

LindainNCtoo said...

Just think of the before and after pages you will get to do, Judy!!!