Monday, January 30, 2012

Which to celebrate?

Chinese New Year or National Pie Day? Well, WHY NOT BOTH – We had Dollar Sushi and then came home with the intent to make four little pies with the ‘baby cakes’ pie maker I got for Christmas – but the pie crust recipe I used bombed. BIG TIME. I think I'll stick to refrigerated crusts. And I never got back to it since I had another week with travel -

Our crazy [extremely] mild winter continues, and personally - I'm loving it! -

This was the view from my office one day.

I downloaded an app for a calorie counter – it’s handy to have it on my phone – no excuses now. And I'll admit that I'm not meeting the target that the doc and I discussed - but I AM eating less and I have lost some weight. LOVE having a little spot to [look-up &] record the calories I consume.

I cooked Tuesday [Pioneer Woman's Pop Pulled Pork - hot HOT HOT - cole slaw and au gratin potatoes] and we had oldest and his gal over for dinner - so enjoyed just hanging out and visiting! And then I traveled for work three days & got to see the youngest and his gal for dinner one night too. Sweet. Worked on my valentines in my hotel room...[Loved seeing this old court house that reminded me of 'Back to the Future.']

And on Saturday we traveled [again - this time for fun]
– took a glider to be painted, have I shown it to you? The holy grail of gliders, as Craig calls it? A special find - the wedding ring - seriously hard to find. I look forward to having it all shiny and butter yellow! We shopped a little at a Hispanic farmers market [- soooo wanted to try some of those unusual fruits and veggies we saw, but decided my stomach may not be hardy enough,] a flea market or two, and Opry Mills [more and more stores are opening!]

And we had a blast at Dave And Busters to celebrate a nephew’s 30th birthday party – Brother met us early in the day so it was just a fun day to hang with family and visit together. And then the youngest surprised us by coming home to visit with a friend who was home this past weekend as well. ALWAYS so good to have our boys home.

Not much else happening - I organized some photos in my computer files [non-people photos by seasons and theme,] worked on some scrappy stuff with a kit I got - I enjoy seeing how many projects I can get out of a kit - it's a [self-imposed] challenge that I love - worked on my valentine mailbox, and oh yes, saw the first daffodil of the spring open up.

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Gloria L. said...

Daffodils already? Mercy!