Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Here are a couple of favorite photos of mine - I'm not sure who took them or how they came to me - I'm not even sure if I have prints - [if the original owner is reading this - THANK YOU for sharing with us - and if other family members want a copy, simply right click and 'save as']This is my Mama M. and her sister-in-law our dear [great] Aunt Annie -
love that they remained close through the years. There's two things I remember about Aunt Annie - she'd always drink a glass of hot water before going to bed and she slept propped up on three pillows
[could it be that she had a little acid reflux as well?]
And Mama M. - well, she made the best teacakes around and also made yummy popcorn to share while we watched Dark Shadows together on summer afternoons...

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