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New Years Blog Hop!

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Welcome to our New Year - Use your Stash Blog Hop -

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Today I pulled out some old tools and technique ideas to share with you:

if you started archival scrapping 'back-in-the-day,' like I did, then I know you remember our patterned scissors from fiskars - they were on the cutting edge [haHAha] and we all had to use them. As the scrapbooking industry continued to grow we had more and more supplies to choose from - including LOTS of papers, and alphabets, and metal charms. After a few years, crafters started re-purposing tools from other areas of the paper and crafting world including charms, sewing trinkets, and even label makers from the office supply store!

And then the industry really got out of hand [my opinion] and went over the top trying to invent supplies and tools for scrapbookers, which included, among other things, the FASTENATER - how many of you bought this? More importantly, how many of you used it for more than a few pages? [And how many of you know that the word, spelled a little differently, actually defines an adornment for you hair in Britain?]

Honestly - I'm not a HUGE shopper so I didn't get this until they were almost giving it away and [truthfully] this may be only the second page I've ever used it on - lol.
[Remember, I'm a pretty simple scrapper.]
So here we go -

[Tip: I cut the center out of the back of my patterned paper so I can use it on another layout.] The fastenater was used to put two decorative staples [that say 'precious'] in the top left corner - I used one to thread my binding tape [yet another crafty thing we've brought into scrapbooking] that holds metal charms - one has the word 'dream' printed on a clear label and the other has a bitsy flower glued down from patterned paper. [Tip: I glued down the charms with adhesive and a pop dot so they wouldn't be moving all over the page; I have to have everything in its place - lol.] I used the patterned scissors to cut out the photo mat [deckled edge, I believe] and tore the bottom edge of my journaling block [a technique many of us used back in the day, and I actually still like on occasion.]

Paper is Basic Grey and Crate Paper [not old since most of my older paper has gone the way of the Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway -] and alphabets are American Crafts [tip: the large alphabets were off-white so I used markers to color them in - since they are slick I used a tissue to wipe off the excess and had a nice soft pink color remain on the letters] - all from my monthly kits from Paper Posies.

THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by!
The fastenater is up for grabs [if anyone wants it -] along with this lovely photo album that the tiny devil-eyed dog is helping me show. Just leave a comment and let me know which one you prefer [give me your email address as well - thanks!] - and remember to check back on Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway day for another chance to win some new to you stuff for your crafting enjoyment!

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Scrapin Kat said...

I didn't gut that one! LOL but I have plenty , great post!

lindaplus3 said...

very nice lo .. :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

lindaplus3 said...

very nice lo .. :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

Whispers and Wishes said...

yeah... I have a fastenator... love it for the word staples... edging scissors? I on, but want to throw them all away-- I can't ever get them to line up and they are never sharp enough for me...
Always fun to stop by and see what you are creating :)

Just a Simple Gal - Judy in Huntsville - AL said...

I know what you mean about lining up the scissors - I should have put in the post that I usually have to draw a line to cut on or else it comes out all wonky -lol AND I also have problems getting the staples to be straight and right where I want them...

Brenda said...

loveee your layout...I too have the fastenator ueded it 2 times I think....yep another HAD to HAVE toy!
loveeee your layout!

Tabbi Fritz said...

Love the layout. I have always gotten irritated with edging scissors that I threw out the ones I had ages ago.Mainly due to the wonky factor they would cause.

Ellen Porter said...

I would probably have used that thing once if I'd bought one. I didn't even cave when they showed up at Big Lots.

charli said...

I would try the fastenator--but those scissors--nothing but trouble for me! I can't cut a straight line with regular scissors!

Carla said...

I've never even considered the fastenator it just never seemed like something I would use. When I first started scraping and making cards I used the scissors but I can't cut anything straight so they didn't last long.... Actually I think they are in a drawer in my craft room, I have a hard time throwing things away.... I love your lay out and how you used all those things that usually just sit around. The photo album is beautiful even with the evil eyed dog in the corner lol. Thanks for sharing. or
racincrafts at aim dot com

Auntie Em said...

Your LO is so sweet! I love the soft colours and the fun 'vintage' techniques you used.
I never bought the Fastenator, although I did have it in my hands, more than once. I did resist but I do have oodles of the decorative scissors and the little punches of chicks and bunnies and such. The grandkids love playing with them. Keeps them busy for hours making messes! :)
Thanks for sharing!

DanaMK said...

Very pretty! Love those colors! And I'd never even heard of the Fastenator until you. :)

Crafty and Green said...

Pretty Layout!!

Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

real pretty

Gloria L. said...

We go back to the same era!!! I still hoard my scissors, and have taught myself how to "turn the corner" with them. Use them for decorative photo corners!

Linh C. said...

I have the Fastenator only because my sister de-stashed and gave it to me. I don't think I've ever used it. I also have another tool from her that I've never used - the tagger (don't know the name of it) but it's to attach tags similar to how price tags are attached to clothing. I guess what I'm suggesting is that my sister was the one who got everything tool out there! I'll have to pull out these tools/toys and decide to use them or loose them!