Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Musings

So happy Monday – my goal is to have these pre-posted so they show in the early morning – but I’ve had a busy [FUN!] week and weekend – that started with us getting up at 3 a.m. to see the quadrantid meteor showers one morning – we were able to stay out in the COLD for about an hour and saw just a few; I wonder if we’d waited until closer to daylight if we’d seen more? I have a plan for next year to have an electric blanket set up on our favorite outdoor recliners for a toasty warm viewing. [Yes – we’re crazy like that.]

Even with our cold temps at night – the weather has been mild in our part of the world – something I’m grateful for. I do enjoy a good snow but I really prefer to visit it and not be host to it here at home. I love this sundog I saw out my office window this week – and I know it’s grainy – I have a film over my window and it’s also 11 stories up so it’s not cleaned very often – still, I have a great view.

I had a couple of days travel to the great state capitol for work – so nice that Craig could come along [so jealous that he can work from ANYWHERE -] We enjoyed meals at two delicious places [and this is a treat because when I travel alone I never go out to eat – it’s just not my thing to be sitting at a restaurant alone -] Habaneros [Mexican] in Alabaster and Lek’s [Thai] downtown Montgomery – I haven’t been there for years and years and it was still as delicious as I remembered.

And Craig enjoyed a day or two [I can’t remember] of duck hunting with friends – a fun time for him – lots of walking and visiting with friends in the early morning hours. And while I don’t understand IT – I do understand the desire to just gather with others and share a common activity and fun time – much like scrapbooking, don’t you think?

Speaking of which – the winner for the blog hop has been chosen – scroll on down to that post to see – Congratulations! Send me your snail mail address and I’ll get the goodies in the mail to you. Probably won’t go in the mail until after the weekend since I have a BIG SCRAPPY YARDSALE to attend and I just may find some more things to add to your box as I clean up for it. [Locals – come on over and shop – New Century Church in Hartselle – Saturday afternoon 1/14/2012]

We sure enjoyed having Matt & Stephanie home for the weekend – we had a wonderful time hanging out and visiting together on this crazy rainy weekend. Did a little Christmas-ing [still], a little crafting [come back Friday to see] and a little eating – lol.

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Gloria L. said...

Sounds like you did have a nice week! Wish I saw my son more often, too!