Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Pictures

[I got this idea from my friend, Bernice, who is one of my artsy mentors - seriously, her work is as beautiful as the life she leads!
Check her out here.]

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past year [most all are straight-out-of-the-camera] - even in a year with little photo taking, it's hard to pick just one for each month -

January -
it snowed 8 inches and stayed on the ground for over a week. Beautiful, yes, but we grew tired of it too - and no, we didn't hang out in the hammock much - lol.February -
Craig took this photo after visiting his dad in the hospital one afternoon
- a nice little gift to assure that God was with us - and I had to throw this one in - littlest of the clan talking to an older cousin - too cute.March -
going to eat with our boys at a favorite catfish place is always fun - and sometimes you've just got to snap that family photo when you're all in one place - even if you have no idea who the truck behind you belongs to - lol.
April -
Sunrise service with my mom, then breakfast and church with Craig's mother =
lovely Easter Sunday -April also brought storms that resulted in lots of long days and travel for me - loved seeing the sunrise over the lake as I drove out of town
[I know I have a better photo somewhere, but can't find it -]
May -
a little trip to New Orleans that proved to be a nice little respite for the two of us...June - Pauly [originally named Polly]
- just hanging out at home; remember he's poly-dactyl - just look at those paws!July -
love my garden - August -
The World's Longest Yard Sale was a fun get-a-way for us - we saw all kinds of things, and bought a few, but mostly just enjoyed being together - September -
Emma Lou moved in three months before and this was her first trip to Gr-Mommie's. Love the light, and Mama's hands, and of course that cute little AUburn outfit - October -
enjoyed a wonderful art retreat at the foot of some of my favorite mountains.November -
love just sitting out on the patio drinking my [iced] tea as I start the day -and December -
our new skinny tree, in the living room window -Happy New Year's Everyone!

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Gloria L. said...

Great shots, with lots of memories. Have a great New Year!