Monday, January 2, 2012

I wanted to take the time to share

some of my favorite artsy things from this past year - although, truth-be-told, I haven't taken photos of even half the things I've worked on and played with in 2011 - something I hope to be better at in 2012 --
This is one my favorite paintings - and I know I've shared it before - but I have to say that after I did this I felt like an artist for the first time in a very long time - the assignment was to listen to faith music and paint with black and white only - and this just happened - I love it, and while I've taken it to shows I've over-priced it like crazy, because I"m just not sure I can part with it. It's about 16 x 24 on canvas -
And of course, you all know I love 'my girls' - still so fun to paint and see how each one turns out differently - this was a favorite -
and this one too - she was scooped up by woman who lost her house and everything they owned in the April tornadoes; she planned to hang it in her daughter's new room -
Here's a favorite quick and easy scrapbook technique I used this year - I think I have four or five layouts similar to this - have a collage printed at Walgreens and stick it on the page with embellishments and journaling tags all around it -
I took the time to scrap some older photos with memories instead of just the event - this is a favorite of Matt 'helping' my mom make biscuits at her house. Love this photo that shows the kitchen and her willingness to have little hands be a part -
Another favorite girl - she's on the front of my calendar for 2011 - I'm seriously thinking of tearing her off and framing her for my office - love these round-faced girls!
And another heritage photo - although this surely doesn't seem so long ago - lol - it captures our after Thanksgiving shopping excursions that were such a tradition for many, many years...And another one that captures a memory - I saw this giant picture of an artichoke in Real Simple magazine and KNEW it had to go on a acrapbook page about my college room-mate who taught me all the ends and outs of eating one - lol. I used parts of the magazine article, a photo of Lor, and lots of journaling tags to include my memories - THIS is what scrapbooking is all about - and I can't end this post without sharing Spidey once again - he's as tall as our fire place mantle, but somehow doesn't seem so big now that he's down at the oldest's house. SO FUN to do -- Happy Creating for 2012 -

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Gloria L. said...

You had a wonderful artfull year! I like your "girls", too!