Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I worked in Montgomery and Birmingham a couple of days this week [had the opportunity – lol- to attend a workshop from 5 – 7:30 one evening.] And we celebrated ‘Bosses’ Day a bit early – gave them some HUGE mums [so gorgeous!] from the Montgomery Farmer’s Market [downtown.] This is such a fun place to browse through – check it out if you’re ever there! But be careful if you’re hungry – those caramel cakes and fried pies will call your name!
  2. Did the Ghost Walk downtown on Friday evening – and let me say that I believe spiritual warfare is REAL [I’ve been in its midst and know firsthand how draining it can be!] but at the same time I can do the ‘pretend’ thing and enjoy a good ghost story now and then [afterall I was trained early with these stories being told by a kerosene lantern out in my MamaM's storm cellar!] – We *never* expected these little ghost walks to be sponsored and guided by people who are members of a ‘paranormal’ society and believe it’s all real… As a result we listened to the historic parts, enjoyed seeing the older homes up close, tuned out a lot, and just enjoyed being together with friends we’ve hung out with for the past 20+ years.
  3. Okay – should I even talk about this here? When I was having my eyebrows done the other day I was persuaded to let her wax my upper lip and chin area too – I don’t have a lot of stragglers there – but I have a few that can drive me nuts [you younger girls will know what I speak of soon enough- lol] And the verdict is still out on whether I’d do it again – I think I notice a few little pimples – small and barely noticeable -- this week [in-grown hairs maybe?] Have any of you done this? What did you think?
  4. I’m still picking peppers and tomatoes! And basil! Enjoyed a fresh pasta sauce one evening this week. Yum.
  5. I also enjoyed a day of crafting on Saturday with ‘Scrapping for a Cure’ – a charity event for cystic fibrosis. Watching Rachel [the event coordinator] watch the video about her little girl who is diagnosed with CF always brings tears to my eyes. What a burden this young family bears knowing the reality of CF and hoping desperately for a cure within their child’s lifetime. She works tirelessly to get everything donated for these events so that every dollar that is given goes directly to CF. Go HERE to see this sweet video and contact Rachel about donating –
  6. I was there for about 12 hours and only completed 2 pages and a couple of cards on my own – lol! We had lots of cool classes and I did a couple of cards, some embossing [fun!], a mosaic layout [tedious, but I *may* give it another try-], and the cutest little notebook during those! But I mostly worked on THIS – it’s a part of the HUGE piece of art I’m working on for Drew’s living room. I hope to have it completed and ready to share with you by the end of the month!
  7. Sunday afternoon I did some straightening and cleaning and re-painting of the kitchen table – we’ve had what I call an old ‘farm table’ for 20+ years [LOTS of dents and marks from being used for anything and everything through the years – LOVE IT.] We painted it black a few years back – and who knows why, the kind of paint, maybe – but it’s been so yucky / sticky since then. And I was TIRED OF IT and wanted to take care of it on my own – got new paint – and I ‘think’ it worked. Yippee!! Time will tell…
  8. Well now Craig has TWO new toys [but he’s such a savvy shopper that I can’t complain-] After some repairs he and Drew had a fun time checking them out on some trails – and came home with just a few adjustments planned.
  9. I was so disappointed to find that the little diner on our courthouse square has closed. It’s been there since we moved to Huntsville and one of our earliest memories is stopping in after the Christmas Parade when Drew was two years old and having a homeless guy draw a beautiful Santa for him – I still have that drawing in a scrapbook somewhere –
  10. Ahh – but life goes on, doesn’t it? Speaking of change – Mom called me the other day asking that I pick up an Auburn outfit for her. [What?!?!] She’s never been one to follow football – but apparently her new group of friends all dress to show their allegiance to another team each Saturday and she wants to show her support for the school her grandsons attend[ed.] FUN.


Gloria L. said...

No eyebrow (or other) waxing for me! I think maybe the people who do this for you just don't consider the pain they cause! Rest of the week sounds good!

Siddharth Mallick said...

LOL! I can't live without threading my eyebrows! I love your art pieces, cant wait to see what you come up with!