Monday, October 17, 2011

I love a little Halloween fun - and had the time recently to pull some of my favorite things out - and I added a few new things too. So here's a little walk-thru:
First up is our drop leaf table that we use as a sideboard in our dining area. It has my favorite glass pumpkin [love it!] and wooden vase of fall leaves and flowers [silk, of course] and the little mixed media piece I did last year - a frame from a thrift sotre painted black + old dictionary pages + vintage Halloween art [off the internet] + glittery pumpkins cut in half and glues to the outside. SO fun. I went to The Dollar Tree and picked up the little tree, tombstone, and crow [oh and the frame too.] And I created the subway art from this link [I cropped it down, printed it on a transparency, put it over some favorite green paper from My Mind's Eye, and then put it in the frame that I had painted black with purple glitter. Fun.

Next is our old wardrobe that sits in the corner of the living room - I know I've shared this before - but I love this piece of furniture because my grandmother had one just like it - so glad I found this several years ago! I left the spray paint art, moved the leaf garland forward [it stays to the back most of the year] and moved the candles from another spot. I added the --foam-- pumpkin and metal basket full of --silk-- leaves and the purple metal pumpkins. I picked these up at Goodwill for a couple of dollars each. They looked like this before I embellished them a bit: This will stay put through November. So fun!

And lastly is the old dresser and mirror right inside our front door - I put the little tree garland up again this year, added my witches hat [got the hat at a deep discount store last year -- seriously - Halloween stuff was 10c an article-- and used a child's costume for the flowers and decor' around the top,] and wooden bin, as well as this framed leaf print I picked up at a Thirft Store [already framed] for a dollar. I'll move the hat and the rest will stay through Thanksgiving.

Oops~! It's changed already!I found this vinyl cling at one of our all-time favorite discount stores for a quarter! So I rushed home - pulled out this frame [and mat] that I got at a Thrift Store for $2.00 and put some scrapbook paper in side and the vinyl cling on the outside of the glass - so cute! It'll stay out 'til after Halloween and then the pretty fall leaf print will come back out - lol. [And I love those pumpkins with a little purple glitter on them!]I love to add a few happy things each season. And I know you probably do too - would love to see some of your ideas. And as you can see, I always decorate in a thrifty way - that way I can change things in and out each year without hurting the budget!


Gloria L. said...

It all looks great!

LindainNCtoo said...

I love your Fall decorations!!!