Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emma and Pawley

Just a quick share of some photos of EmmaLou [who weighs about 4 pounds now]

and Pawly [who is a good 10 pounds of serious muscle.]

We so enjoy watching them together! It’s a far cry from their first meeting back in the spring when Pawly was having nothing to do with this little rat-like dog that was visiting his space! Now they take turns running and chasing each other and ‘pretend’ attacking.

And Pawly is always game for this –

except for the occasional times when EmmaLou barks and chases him

[and yes, he runs from her, a little frightened that this little thing has the audacity to attack HIM.]

And of course he takes swipes at her [you can see that we barely caught his paw in the photo of them on the pumpkins a few weeks back]

- He's quick! – But doesn't seem to have the intent to really harm her [but they’re never left unsupervised either, so who really knows – smile.]

So funny, because we all know that Pawly could easily take EmmaLou down any time he wants. Afterall, he’s ‘harvested’ squirrels that are bigger than she is ---


Gloria L. said...

I can spend hours watching critters play! They are such good therapy!

barbv #2975 said...

They are very tolerant of each other! It took me a minute to realize that you have a dog and a CAT! Funny how the cat has learned to play like/with a dog!