Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I had a couple of early mornings working out of town this week - and so enjoyed the gorgeous view of the foggy lakes and mountains as I drove. I love living in our little neck of the woods!
  2. I'm still picking tomatoes and peppers from the garden and had time to give the back yard a good clipping - wondered if this was the last cut of the season? - I love the mindless task of mowing lawn, where it forces me to slow down a bit, and has built-in time to think about things...
  3. Craig and I had a 'dinner and movie' night one evening - ate at The Olive Garden - the new mushroom sauce is so delicious and watched Soul Surfer and something with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson [How Do You Know - maybe?.] Good, in different ways...
  4. And I worked on some blog posts for the coming weeks. AND one day I wasn't on the computer AT ALL until the evening - nice.... [I sometimes think I spend a little too much time just surfing through when I could be using that time in better ways. It's not that computer time is BAD - it's just not always THE BEST.]
  5. I enjoyed being a part of the Artist Market at Lowe Mill Saturday afternoon. It's a free venue that promotes local artists. I wanted to check it out since I hope to participate several times before Christmas. And while Craig helped me get in and set up - I was able to get it down and out in two quick trips just using my rolly cart.
  6. It's such a fun place - a renovated [cotton-?] mill with these HUGE windows letting in wonderful light throughout! And let me just say that it's a different community than I usually hang out with [are these *real* artists? - some of you know what I'm talking about] but fun, still!
  7. I was complaining about my [drive-thru] breakfast one morning this week [honestly, I only drive-through a few mornings a week - lol] - it took them an few extra minutes to get it to me, and it was 10c more than the regular price, and the bacon was curly - not flat [I get bacon and egg on toast] - then Craig reminded me that our immigration law had gone into effect the day before....
  8. Hey! what do you think is fast becoming my new favorite color? I happened to notice one afternoon as I was getting ready to leave the office - ha... even the clip board matches.
  9. It was a 'long' weekend for us and I enjoyed having time to 'play' too - I worked on the BIG piece that's still covering our dining room table, I got all of Halloween out - and made a few new little things [will post more on that in a few days] and played with photos too - a big THANK YOU to all our boys' friends who so generously post photos of them on Face Book. This Scrapbooking Mama loves you.
  10. Lots going on in the next few days - my minds' whirling with things that need to be done - and I know I won't meet all of my self-imposed deadlines, but at least I will have a plan - let the list making begin!


Gloria L. said...

Sounds like a good week! We're on vacation in Fort Lauderdale this week, but daughter is minding the mail, watching for your package, to keep it safe... no hurries!

Linh C. said...

Ugh, the immigration law has me all twisted inside. While I understand some of the reasons for not wanting illegals in our state/country, I am sad for the PEOPLE/families that the law affects. I believe that the majority of the illegals are productive, law-abiding citizens. Because they are here illegally, they keep their noses clean, and they work hard because that's why they came to the States. My family and I came to the States as immigrants, were given permanent resident status, and became US citizens, but we could have been facing what the Hispanics are now facing and I can't imagine the terror they must feel.

On a lighter note (:0), I love cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons too! How are the Fall colors north of Bham?

Juel said...

Love your list! Thank you for visiting my blog last month. Be sure you stop by later cause there is a surprise for you!!