Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some friends and I were talking the other day

about our crafty organizing and how our ‘systems’ tend to evolve as the way we craft changes from time-to-time. Have I shared this with you already? [Hope not!] I think I’ve alluded to the fact that I have slowly pushed Craig out of the upstairs office as my crafting *STUFF* has grown. [But that’s okay because he’s taken over the oldest’s deserted bedroom and is making it into a mighty nifty little home office of his own. [Lucky dog can work from home!] I've always had the window alcove as my scrappy space - and love it still [some of the organization has changed but you can see the foundation of it in the post list to the right.] We also have a little niche that holds our computer armoire perfectly and a couple of nice bookshelves and a futon on opposite walls. So now I will share that this is the where I paint:

I’ve moved some things in and out [and returned storage options to the store] as I’ve found what works best for me right now – I’ll divide it into thirds and share a little more details:

First off, the computer sets to the right so I tend to use the rolly computer chair for ‘puting and crafting. So there's a chair to the left that holds a bin [formerly above the scrapbook desk] with patterned papers that I use for backgrounds or clothing for my girls [sorted by color and divided with chipboard, of course!] My aprons hang over it when not in use. To the left of the desk I've placed a TV tray behind the door to give ma little more extended space and I have a little bookshelf that I got at the ReStore [Habitat for Humanity] for $5 - already painted that gorgeous green! It holds old dictionaries, hymnals, and project bases. On top is a large basket that has files full of ideas in it and in front is a big basket with all my [cheap] paints - divided in smaller baskets by colors.

The middle of the desk is where I work - it's covered in layers and layers of newspaper so that I can just lift off a layer when I need a clean surface. You can see that most of my materials [including stamps and inks] are divided in those little green bins I picked up at Old Time Pottery. I have shoe boxes with drawers to the right and some of my larger stamps and extra supplies are in those. The panels behind have screws to hold recent work [but I did the Artist Market the day these photos were taken so they were still packed away.] This is a folding screen that I've used on top of a table in shows - love it [also from the ReStore - $12 - I painted it at home.

To the right you can see how I have the shoe boxes stacked to give a little more storage room - There's a couple of baskets that hold pens and brushes, my green pedestal bowl full of nick knacks, some notebooks that hold notes from art classes I've taken and a cake pedestal I got at Hobby Lobby a few years back for 80% off - love it too. It has a giant teacup on top that holds additional 'extras.' In front of it is another of my favorite things - the old train case I picked up at an estate sale - it perfectly holds my CTMH stamps sets and other various stamps that I use occasionally. It's so easy to throw some ink in on top and take it to a crop with me!

So this is what works for me - right now... lol - I still have plans to take the closet doors off [they are just behind the train case] and put shelves in it. I'd love to have my sewing stuff in this room and also some of the other crafty stuff that's stored elsewhere. I know my organization may not work for everyone - but take what you can use and who knows? I'll probably be changing it again as time goes by --


Jennifer said...

I love your craft space, everything is super close for when you need it. I wish mine was as organized, I have stuff everywhere!! Thanks for sharing. I love to see other people's crafting space!!

Gloria L. said...

Thanks for sharing! I love it (well, except that I'm not real fond of lime green!)!! I took the time to look through your Flickr photos of the girls, and have fallen in love with three of them... will have to see where you are selling next and come for a visit!