Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

This is a favorite photo of mine – and a favorite memory as well! First – here’s the photo untouched – straight-out-of-the-camera – from my dad’s slides.

LOVE that it captures me and a neighbor friend sitting on our back stoop with the little wire fence that surrounded our yard. LOVE that is has one our favorite family dogs [Nora – we learned a lesson in genetics with that one, didn’t we? LOL] and LOVE that we have on similar [‘matching’] parkas – all the rage that year, I’m guessing! If you look closely you can see that there's also one of my little black kitties sitting with us. So Sara Lou and I shared many – many childhood memories and one of the favorites was preparing for and doing Halloween together!

We would plan for weeks how we were going to dress, draw walls full of murals [on butcher paper] with witches and jack-o-lanterns and grave yards and have fun going to the school carnival and trick-or-treating on our street! Yet, somehow I can’t find even one Halloween photo of us together! So as you can see I just cropped and enlarged the photo [using picnik - above], found some clip-art witches hats and re-created my own memory.

Love the journal strips that quickly tell the story of our childhood Halloween fun [an idea from Stacy Julian a few years back-] – and I love the giant title that overlaps the photo. Note: her hat does go off the page a bit, but the rest is nice and straight to satisfy my ocd - despite how the photo looks - lol] I’ll be honest – this was WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE – but now it’s one of my very favorite layouts – and it comes out year after year to be displayed during October.

What have you done outside your comfort zone?

I’d love to see it - post a link in the comments so I can take a look!

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Gloria L. said...

HA! The colors pink and lime green are outside of my comfort zone! Every time a class uses those colors, I have to improvise!