Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Well – you know you’ve got way tooooo much on your mind when you go through the drive-through for breakfast, pay for your food, and then drive away without it… About four blocks away I reached down to get my coffee – and it wasn’t there! LOL. [And yes, I went back to get it.]
  2. Traveled to Montgomery for work this week [and that’s a whole other story!] – Here I am standing in one building looking out at my office building – those big windows on the 2nd floor are our break room – it looks out to the State Capitol and really is a pretty view. And no, I'm not one of the precious few who gets to park in THAT parking lot [actually our building has parking underneath - but I don't a spot THERE either -] On a good day I get to park a couple of blocks away - on a bad day I find a spot a few blocks DOWN A HILL further away... so there's no doubt that when I'm down south I need to have my walking shoes on!
  3. Craig has taught EmmaLou to twirl ‘round on her hind feet when she gets her treat – so funny. I think she might need a tutu now --
  4. We did the Fourth Thursday sidewalk sale over in Tuscumbia this week – and had mostly lookers – only a FEW people even walked closer to show interest. But! I sold my booth fee [$10] haHAha.
  5. And I LOVE the way our little vendor area looked! These are the same shutters [from the Re-Store] we used when we had booths at scrapbook conventions – we re-vamped them to showcase the art a bit better. LOVE the lights Craig configured for it.
  6. I have a sinus cold [yuck] – and was hoping it was just the changes in the weather – which have been so refreshing, btw, but alas, I think it’s the normal-got-to run-its-[7 day]-course thing… So I’ve basically spent two days in bed…[could be that all the going-going-going has caught up with me - ]
  7. I did gather enough energy to put away the summer fun fiskateer party stuff, clean up the craft area, clean out the garden a bit, [Is this the last harvest? –I sure hope not!] and make some pumpkin bread Time to get ready for the busy fall season.
  8. We also had the opportunity to be a part of the live audience web-cast recording for Dr. John Townsend’s newest book, Beyond Boundaries up at the Opryland Hotel. I listen to him as often as I can on this radio show. They’re just great Christian Counselors who give good Bible-based encouragement and advice. [I’ve been listening to them for over 20 years now! Wow. Thanks Lisa B. for introducing them to me!] I’ll share more about this experience in a few days.
  9. This is the third time I’ve been to the Opryland Hotel since the great flood of May 2010 – and, oh my goodness, they’ve done such a terrific job getting everything restored, you’d never even know it was all under water before! [And isn't THAT unbelievable?!?] It is just as beautiful as ever!
  10. I also took some time to be creative this week and used some chipboard butterflies on smaller canvases – love the way they turned out! I also worked a bit more on the large [HUGE – it’s bigger than our dining room table] piece I’m doing for the oldest. – It’s taken me a bit to work it all out in my head before getting to the actual paper and paint … and it’s coming along nicely now.

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Gloria L. said...

Your artwork is evolving and it's wonderful! Don't be discouraged that people don't buy sometimes - it goes in cycles!