Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes - I've turned into one of THOSE people ---

You know - the ones who dress their dogs and carry them around in a bag...
it started innocently enough - the occasional outing with EmmaLou in the bag over my shoulder [she's so quiet -- surprisingly-- that no one even notices her.] And then I saw this:

And since we had a planned outing with her I suddenly knew she needed to be dressed CUTE.
So [yes] I bought the sock monkey just to get the hoodie - and she tolerated it:

But we thought it might be a bit small so I added some side panels
and a little skirt around the bottom [too cute!]

I'll be honest - SHE HATES the process of putting it on -
but manages well once it's there.
So I'm re-thinking it again and will probably add a
velcro opening to make it easier for her
because she's going to need a little hoodie on these cool nights...


Jennifer said...

It's ok for her to be dressed if thats what she is going to be wearing!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

barbv #2975 said...

I made sock monkeys when my twins were little ... note - do not buy XL socks! The Socko-Jocko monkeys ended up long and skinny!

Anyway, I loved the dog photos!

Gloria L. said...

This is SO FUNNY! Would love to see the expressions on people's faces!

(you aren't going to believe this - the random word verifaction I had to type in was subsock )!!!!!

Gloria L. said...

I can not spell today - the correct word is verification, not verifaction!