Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once a Month [Old Stuff] GiveAway

Thanks so much for all of your comments throughout the month!
I love reading them and think it's so fun to share together!
I appreciate each of you taking the time to stop by and visit!

Soooooo – I know I’ve been a little lax about the ‘ole Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway lately truth is I haven’t been scrapping as much as I have in years past so it takes me a bit longer to fill up the box [and the stash leftover from our kit club days has dwindled down as well.] Maybe it should be re-named the Once [ever few] Month[s] Giveaway – lol - NOT YET!!

Truth is – I live a very [cRaZy] busy and blessed life. As I’ve already shared – I’ve traveled more days this month than I’ve been home and already every weekend in October is full of fun plans!

And as result, I’ve neglected parts of the blog – but I’m trying to get back on track!

Don’t worry Kristen – I have your box ready and on its way!!

I must admit that I miss interacting with each of you so I’m changing things up once again! Starting this month – I will again randomly choose the OMGiveaway winner from the comments on THIS post.

And I’ll take the time to comment on comments, if you will – something I’ve so enjoyed in the past, but have [also] neglected these last few months – So bare with me as I ramble on – First off – THANK YOU to all of you had such sweet comments on my Summer of Color Projects [and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Kristen for hosting this summer fun event!!] It was a blast and kept me crafting throughout the summer months! Michelle Rayburn, thanks for the comment and the how-to’s of the plastic peony – you know I love your blog [so much!] And Gloria, my friend, I sooo agree with you! TWO seasons would be perfect! Spring and Fall – lol. And a friend here in town said my hair looked more ‘golden wheat’ than red – lol – you might be able to see it in the Fiskateer photos.

LindainNCToo – yep, Craig and I really do enjoy doing things together. But as we've become empty-nesters we have branched out into some separate activities as well. I love how we work together on a common goal [like the new and improved vendor display I’ll show you guys soon – so fun to see both of our ideas meld into one.] You know you're in my prayers!!

Marianne [fiskateer #6701] – I had no idea when I did the fiskateer survey that I’d actually get the punch if they chose my name – SO FUN! I think they go with the name that they hear the most because someone else also got the double-bubble punch… and as of right now I think we’re in the glider ‘admire’ not ‘acquire’ stage of life – lol. We’re so very happy to have the wedding ring pattern – it just completes our ‘collection.’

Ahh, Bernice – I almost went to panera again this week. That mozzarella - basil - tomato paninni [sp?] is calling my name!Maybe you’ll try one when you’re back in the states!

LinhC [it was so nice meeting you!!!] – thanks for the comment on the printer’s tray – I just measured and cut up photos of flowers in our yard and pushed them into the little sections. I’m thinking of changing it up a bit to make it a little more full family memories – I’ll post photos if I do.

And NOW: The winner of this month's OMGiveaway is Gloria!!

[I know I should have it – but send me your snail-mail address: and I’ll get a box in the mail to you!]

And remember that the NEXT winner will be chosen from COMMENTS ON THIS POST.

So comment away on any of the posts from the last month!

Deadline to leave a comment: September 30th

Check back with me at the end of October to see if you won!

[I’m pretty sure there’ll be some extra-special things in THAT box.]

And I look forward to getting together and ‘talking’ with each of you then!


Omaloriann said...

Wow, my friend, I know you've been busy, but reading about it all makes me tired :) Love the idea of a give=a=way and I just might have to try it myself, to generate traffic! Hope to see you this Friday and hopefully you'll see your way out on Saturday as well!

Jean said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I am a follower of your blog and loved reading your different posts. Thanks for the chance to win!

Linh C. said...

I think Fall is the busiest season for me. School activities, outings, football, then we have to get ready for the holidays! My October weekends are full too. :)

Amanda said...

Reading how busy you have been makes me feel special that I got to spend a Saturday afternoon with you at the Fiskateer crop!

crafty2 said...

Judy just wanted to thank you for telling me about Fiskateers!I enjoy the party so much! I have scrapbooked for along time but by myself. I want to thank you and Rita for introducing me to so many wounderful friends, like Bobbie, Amanda and Lori. I had no ideal about all the crops and hope I get to attend alot more and meet more new friends.Thank you! lol Sandy

scrappingrandmabethany said...

I just found your blog and I am loving it! Please enter me in your give-away!

Gloria L. said...

Hey, that's ME! Super! Look for an email from me with my address... Love ya!

Hollyk said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Fall is the perfect time to be busy, enjoy the fresh air and changing leaves and wonderful smells of fall.

Victoria's Place said...

You are a very busy person! Nice blog and thanks for the chance to win!

LauraC Fiskateer 5939 said...

Gosh I thought I already followed your blog - I'll have to go back and look again

SusieScrapper said...

Saw your post on the Fiskateers and will be sure to follow you. You have been a busy lady and thanks for the chance to win some goodies! :)

maryannehoekman fiskateer5271 said...

isnt fiskateers great!! i have never gotten the chance to name a punch that i know of but love the names that everyone comes up with!! the new winter and fall ones are going to be great looks like!! happy fall almost here in wisconsin to all!! maryanne

weze said...

Thanks for a chance to win! My scraproom has been packed up for the past year but we are finally moving next month so will enjoy unpacking & scrapping again! Course the Fiskateer crop is coming up soon on by bday weekend no less!

marla said...

Wow it sounds like you have been having some great fun traveling. I would love to win some new to me things. I love receiving new goodies to play with. Thanks for a chance!!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you posting !

I'm glad yours and Lesa's crop day was fun !

Patty 2832

shauna said...

Just discovered your blog....looks like you know how to have fun! ;)

Kelly Sas said...

I came over from your Fiskateer invite and am so glad I did. What a fun, interesting and warm friendly blog you have. I loved seeing of Fiskateers the pics of the Alabama US of F. How fun that you were there too! I am looking forward to ours in WI. Do you/your family really know Gallager?!? Congrats on naming a punch! Thanks for the Once a month RAK. I would be honored to give your left overs a home! Hope you have a nice October.

barbv #2975 said...

Hi! I'm glad you weren't so busy that you didn't have a chance to post - I had to smile about the sock monkey that you bought for your puppy's wardrobe :)

Thanks for sharing your US of Fiskateer photos! Very cool that they let us fiskateers help with the naming and design of their products!