Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Decor

Well, hello there!
None of this new - and I may have already shared it with you before... I enjoy changing out some things seasonally around the living area of our home - and I loooooove having a walk-in attic to store my stuff in so I often use the same things again and again each year. This is on top of our old wardrobe [I'll need to get a full length photo to share later -] and is a collection of seashells from The Gulf, bird houses, and a painting from a street vender in Las Angeles [done COMPLETELY with spray paint - love it.]
Frame is from Goodwill - originally from Target, I believe. And this is a little collection of [silk] poppies and tulips in a pottery bowl from our favorite pottery place in Gatlinburg, well, really Pigeon Forge, TN. Love that we found one in the same purples and greens that are found throughout our house... And here's another birdhouse [most of these are from Hobby Lobby] and an old watering can with cotton and more [silk] flowers. A nice little welcome when you come in the front door -

And above the mantle - near the wardrobe - another birdhouse and my collection of blue mason jars - these jars actually stay out year 'round and hold candles that we light some evenings...

and this little piece of art [mixed media?!?] hangs in the foyer and was inspired by Donna Downey. Just a sweet reminder of all the warm sunny days we've spent at the beach throughout the years - I made it more than a few years ago...

And this is our newest addition - I photographed it in the foyer to get better light - it actually sits on the drop-leaf table [we use a buffet] near the dining table. I fell in love with this little water-colored light house when I found it during The World's Longest Yard Sale.
And seeing as how [southern y'all] we have two large framed light houses
[Mobile Bay & Pensacola]
in our adjacent den - this little piece may need to stay out year 'round as well...