Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We went to Panera this week [not a place we frequent, except, for the occasional coffee and egg soufflé’] and I had my favorite sandwich – EVER! The one I had most mornings the last time we were at Disney [and have been searching for ever since without even knowing it - lol]: tomato, basil, and mozzarella [YUM!] I added chicken and had half one evening and the other half for lunch the next day. DOUBLE-YUM!
  2. Enjoyed time on the water with my sweetie – it was a beautiful, dare I say it? A fall-feeling day – so it was very nice to sit out in the sun and read while Craig fished a bit.
  3. I’ll admit – I’ve not ‘babied’ my garden at all this year – but we have managed to have a couple of messes of okra, banana peppers, and bell peppers. Also a few cucumbers, zucchini, and LOTS of basil [yum!] But the squirrels have taken a liking to my tomatoes – and I’m finding them green and half eaten, around the edges of the garden. But! I will not be foiled! This week I picked a few that barely had a hint of red on them and after a couple of days – they are DE-LISH-US. Take that you nasty squirrels.
  4. I also spent some time with my mom again this week – and am just so tickled that she’s doing so well!! Amazingly well. So. Good.
  5. And we had dinner with Craig’s mother at Ricatoni’s – it’s always nice to have time to enjoy a good meal together and catch up a bit.
  6. According to Elizabeth Dillow’s book The Scrapbooker's Almanac - Friday was National Dog Day so I did a little scrapbook page to show our new emma-lou. [Still trying to decide if she’s named after Emma Watson, Emma Stone or Emma whomever – we’ve been told she’s named after an actress…]
  7. All of these ‘back-to-school’ commercials advertising new computers with youngsters saying, ‘Hey Mom, what’s a ‘floppy disk’?’ have me thinking that I need to get a floppy disk drive and move my first digital photos to a CD for safe keeping, because, yes, you heard me – we don’t have a computer anymore that will take a floppy either – lol…
  8. I’m trying so hard to get up and going a bit earlier so I can have some time outside with my Lord before the day begins. It’s a wonderful way to start my day – just listening to the world wake-up while counting my blessings. Life is Good.
  9. This week I’m making the effort to Be Present and Be Real in my daily life – an attempt to limit how much time I spend just mindlessly browsing the internet. I’ve given up most of my Yahoo Groups but have somehow been placed in lots of FaceBook groups – so I’ve weeded those out and am making efforts to manage the ones I’m staying it a bit better. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE TO STAY IN TOUCH with everyone – but I’ve got lots of life to live right here in real-life -
  10. We ended the weekend out by the fire-pit. So glad it was cool enough to enjoy a little summer-time fire. Again – very relaxing to have time to just ‘be’ together.


Gloria L. said...

Oh, I love to just "be". I wish my daughter could be convinced to do the same....

Bernice said...

I love Panera. The first one I visited is in Viera in Florida

Linh C. said...

Hi Judy, I wanted to leave a comment on the previous post but couldn't for some reason.

I like what you did with the printer's tray...cutting up pictures for each of the spots. I have one of those trays but haven't decided what to do with it.