Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Okay, so I had a yahoo mail mishap this week – they kept BUGGING ME about upgrading to the new and improved mail – so I finally did and I completely lost one of the mailboxes at faithbasedpages [it’s a ‘small business’ account that has two in-boxes.] NOT FUN. But, my husband, my hero, found a number where I could SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON and it was resolved within 12 hours. Yippee. So heads up – the upgrade is NOT designed for ‘small business’ accounts at this time – just sayin’
  2. We did the Arts Stroll again this week and I can share a few observations: August heat is SO MUCH HOTTER than June heat; families aren’t into hanging out together ‘round the square on a school night; and less purchases are made when one has just spent all extra income on back-to-school paraphernalia. Still, I sold some and did ‘okay’ it just wasn’t the crazy fun time we had in June…And really, we left an hour early because we had planned to attend ‘Victoria Shaw: Under the Covers’ – a songwriters show case [where they ‘cover’ the songs they’ve written and tell the stories behind them,] with her, Robin Meade [Morning Express on HLN] and Billy Dean. So. Fun. And Merrimack is a great venue – converted from one our old cotton mills in town…
  3. Included in this busy week was another three days of out / town travel, a dental appointment, and a manicure – just for fun.
  4. And I had the opportunity to drive through the Sipsey Wilderness area of Bankhead Forest . So beautiful, and green, and ...... desolate. And once again, I’m glad I live within walking distance of groceries, doctors, vets, and restaurants.
  5. And we celebrated 28 years of married bliss. Well, not totally bliss because I must be honest and we all know that every marriage has its ups and downs – but I can most definitely say I’ve been ‘up’ more than I’ve been ‘down’ and I’m blessed beyond measure to be married to my best friend – the love of my life.
  6. Ever since we’ve had Emma [our new-to-us 3.5 pound chihauhau] we’ve had concerns about ‘the hawk’ getting her [remember, we live RIGHT-IN-TOWN, but in an area with large lots FULL of wildlife – with hawks, and raccoons, and fox, ETC.] We’re pretty sure we’ve lost at least one kitten to ‘the hawk’ and maybe a couple of cats to fox attacks [they have a safe place to go – but choose not to - it’s the circle of life, folks.] And we’ve heard an owl in the trees when we’ve had Emma out late at night - now we have a new concern – a couple who live within a mile of us was IN THEIR YARD and a COYOTE came and took one of their chihuahuas – OH. MY. And now Craig’s talked with a neighbor closer to us who says they’ve been spotted two streets away. Coyotes, not chihauhaus. – NOT GOOD.
  7. I made MawMaw's bread 'n butter pickles - too easy - but oh so delicious - drain dill pickle slices and then layer back into the jar with layers of sugar. [Don't put the dill juice back in --] Yum. Waterbath if you you're going to give as gifts...
  8. I have to share a ‘new to me’ hair product that I’m loving in this southern summer heat – Frizz Ease, by John Freida. I’ve used this product before and thought it was ‘too heavy’ and made my hair flat and greasy looking. But after much complaints about my hair and suggestions from my hero to try his free sample, I READ THE DIRECTIONS [use just a little and do NOT put it on the roots--] and I LOVE IT. I even bought some. Seriously, love. I only wished I’d given it a try before I was so frustrated that I cut two inches off my hair a few weeks back…
  9. You guys know I love thrifting. So when I’m out and about I often take my lunch break at local thrift stores to see what I can find [mostly looking for wood to paint on these days.] It always surprises me when I find someone’s precious baby all posed and smiling at the camera – and FOR SALE – in a thrift store… I should start a new album on fb called thrift store babies
  10. I have a few big art projects to work on and I got started this weekend – using a HUGE white board that we bought at the Re-Store for only $10.00. I hope you love what I do with it!

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