Friday, January 28, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

So here's another one [okay...three] from my dad's slides -My sister feeding WILD bears on the roadside in Gatlinburg, TN [circa 1958 or so]
Significant because - Oh My Goodness! What were they thinking? If you knew my parents [two of the most over-cautious people ever!]
you'd be thinking the same thing.
But it's kind of fun to see they had an adventurous side...- take a look at the other people standing FAR - FAR away thinking who knows what about these young parents and their pre-school daughter.
[In their defense - I've always been told these were cubs, not grown bears...
but still... there was a mama bear somewhere -]
EDITED: My mom informs me that THIS IS the mama bear - they were feeding her crackers while the cubs played back behind her --- oh my.


Melissa said...

What cool pictures!

LindainNCtoo said...

What stories behind these photos, Judy!

All the importance of scrapbooking our photos.


Gloria L. said...

We like Top of the River, too! Not so keen on jalapeno cornbread, though. You are right about the long-haired cat being a lot of work, we have one, too. She comes up on the couch every night and asks to be brushed (puts a paw on your arm). Funny to watch. What would we do without them!