Sunday, January 30, 2011

Books I've Read

First let me say – I **LOVE** the kindle app on my new phone! And I love free Christian fiction books from Amazon! Yippee!
[I’ll admit I’ve bought a few books for it too -]
I’ve read more books in the past month than I’ve read in a year!
This post is not a commentary or review – just a simple list of those I’ve read. Let me know if you’ve read them too! Some are books in a series and I can’t wait to finish the others in the series as well. Some are not fiction. So here’s the list of books I’ve read recently [in no particular order] –
Beatitude – Matthew Paul Turner *
Always the Baker, Never the Bride – Sandra Bricker
Choosing to See – Mary Beth Chapman [Stephen Curtis Chapman's wife]
Hide in Plain Site – Martha Perry
Stuck in the Middle – Virginia Smith
Daughter of Joy – Kathleen Morgan
Against All Odds – Irene Hammon
When the Devil Whistles – Rick Acker
Living an Inspired Life and Living it to Inspire Others - Sherwood Seit
Fools Rush In - - Janice Thompson

* - this was a real book – not kindle; sometimes I just like to highlight and keep a book, ya know? TEN - wow.
The next list will be posted in May - [in case you're eagerly anticipating it - ha]

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