Sunday, November 7, 2010

From My Experience-
[Note - This is NOT written by me - Photo is mine; taken in Zion Ntl Park last summer]

[by Kathie Weaver - from: ]

Every summer I would spend my summer vacation at my Grandmother’s. I would have lots of fun and I learned so many new things from her. She was so creative! One of the many things she taught me was how to do ceramics. She would take me to the greenware store and let me pick out any pieces that I wanted to make. We’d take them home and spend hours on the front sun porch creating our masterpieces.

What I learned from my experiences is that there is nothing more satisfying than opening up the kiln in the morning to see your finished product. All the time and effort that you spent is realized when you look at the results of your labour. I can only imagine the feeling that God must have felt when he saw his final creation. He must have smiled widely and proudly when he said “it is good!”

Like I proudly displayed my workmanship, God displays His work proudly for all to see. Always sharing His creativity with us for our enjoyment. All nature in it’s splendor and glory created by God for us to enjoy. So much beauty. God is so creative! How too should we be with our creativity – using it to honour God and to share with others.

Think About It…

Everyone is given talents from God, talents that are meant to be shared with others and to honour God. Even the smallest thing created can bring great pleasure.

Creativity is a wonderful talent – it allows us to touch other people’s lives in a fun and exciting way. It is non intrusive and can be interpreted in so many ways. It can be a great ministry tool, in fact the Bible is full of creative stories told over generations. Stories that spark our imagination, our interest and our hearts.

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