Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Wow! Where did the week go?! Two days in Montgomery and family activities really made it go by quickly.
  2. Well, the deed is done – Drew closed on his house Friday afternoon and had his bed and minimal essentials moved before bedtime. When we left him that evening I told Craig that it felt a little like moving him into his college apartment – only, he’s paying for it all. [Good times.]
  3. He moved some other stuff during the weekend – but he’s not completely settled yet. I think we have a trip to Ikea planned in a few weeks.
  4. I refuse to think about his statement that he’ll never live back at home again. Despite this – I am still extremely happy for him.
  5. It’s truly ‘fall’ around here now – and I love it. Unfortunately a storm [as in tornadoes all around our house] blew through and most of the pretty leaves are gone.
  6. I’ve been missing this one for a few weeks now – so I was thrilled to have him home for a couple of days – even though I had to share him with friends…love to have him home.
  7. We made three pots of chili this on Saturday – one using a home-grown poblano pepper – yum! All gone now…
  8. Craig and I dressed up for Halloween and did a little ‘trick-or-treating AT OUR SON’S HOUSE. [Weird.]
  9. While I’ve always loved Halloween I was a little disappointed that our city didn’t issue a decree that it be celebrated on Saturday instead of Sunday.
  10. And finally – I’m back in Montgomery [wheeeeee] for a week of training policy. It’s so not my favorite city. But I’m blessed to have a job I enjoy.

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I came back to be sure I entered your Once A Month Giveaway and saw you did your Ten on Tuesday a day early. My favorite posts from you are usually during those. They are my favorites.

It is great that you went trick-or-treating at Drew's house! I bet he got a kick out of it. How fun that he slept in his house the first night. Sounds like he is pretty excited to be a home owner