Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. First - I want to invite you back on Thursday for a fun-filled blog hop honoring our service men and women - lots of red-white- and blue patriotic themed layouts and crafts will be show cased.
  2. I just didn’t want to be away from home this past week – it was beautiful fall weather, and the first week of our 2nd bout of emptynesthood. I just wanted to be home with Craig – but I had to spend the week in Montgomery teaching policy. Wheee.
  3. I stayed in my tried and true place with usually great rooms, wonderful evening snacks and great hot breakfast, But! The first room I was in had such a mild-dew odor I had to ask to be moved at 5:30 in the morning. And! The next morning when I went out to my car the car directly across from mine had ALL FOUR WHEELS missing; seriously, it was setting on blocks like a teeter totter. I called Craig and told him, “Number 1 reason for not having pricey wheels – I want to drive to work.” Previously the #1 reason was because I trend to run over curbs and it’s much less expensive to replace hubcaps than those fancy dancy wheels the VW place tried to sell me…
  4. I completed the foundation of my Daily December album [a-la Ali Edwards] while I was gone. I’m using a little 6x7 album form Li’ Yellow Bicycle that’s cute and just the right size to keep me from getting stressed over it.
  5. I’m so NOT a shopper – I ‘shopped’ every evening during the week and really hardly bought anything: frozen dinners, fruit, and tea [of course.] And a cute pair of walking shoes. That’s it.
  6. I did have a manicure one evening – and chose a nice rusty autumn color. Love it, but already, it’s time for a polish change…
  7. That may be due to the painting I did at oldest’s house on Saturday. I think that hideous red blotchy [you know how red needs a few hundred coats to look good? Well this one had maybe two – probably just one] wall in his foyer bothered me more than him. So he bought the paint and I went to work. I rally like to paint and that wall looks So. Much. Better.
  8. And another chorus of ‘I love my physical therapist’ is warranted because afterwards, I didn’t hurt at all. Wow.
  9. Matt is okay. But we did get an early morning phone call that gave us a little scare around 2:15 / 1:15 [depending on when you change your clocks-] Someone barreled into his car IN THE DRIVEWAY and pushed it to the neighbor’s yard. From the looks of Matt’s car [TO-TALED] the driver is lucky to be alive. [And apparently he passed the sobriety test.]
  10. After church lunch with friends was fun as we celebrated one’s 50th birthday. For me, fifty was fine, but having “51” roll off my tongue when asked my age is just a bit harder to do– lol.

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LindainNCtoo said...

Your list for this week is so down to earth, Judy.

I am having one of those weeks.....

Did you get a photo of the car of the blocks? I can see a lo of that. "Why I don't have expensive wheels!"