Thursday, October 21, 2010

I’ve had several comments about my Ten on Tuesday posts [THANK YOU] and how I live a fun life, etc. – but the truth is – I’m just like everyone else – there’s ups and downs [and way downs] all the time. I think what these [ten on tuesday] posts have done is helped me focus on the fun [every day kind of] things that makes our world go ‘round. – But I know I’m just a little crazy dontcha think, I mean who else would grow brown cotton just for the fun of it?

[how funny is it that I took this photo outside and

a FLY landed on it just as I snapped? LOL]

Thanks for the comments on the Corrie Ten Boon quotes and photos – I’m trying to put seasonal photos up that I’ve taken – the sunset was actually from the back parking lot of a Hobby Lobby run – lol. And the zinnias were at the boat ramp – LOVE that I inadvertently caught some bokah on it!! [ I DO NOT have a fancy camera-]

Linda – I think it would be hilarious to watch pigs race for oreos – that would make a trip to the fair COMPLETE! And I’m enjoying the Scrapping Sisters [yahoo] site – but haven’t been as active as I’d like to be - Jessica – I wish you could get out one afternoon during the fair when it’s not so crowded – it really was fun to see it all again! And Marianne, a fried pie is basically biscuit dough cut in a circle, filled with fruit, folded to a half moon [crimped] and deep fried. They can be delish – I prefer the ones available at The Farmer’s Market in Montgomery [I think they’re made in Prattville.]

Loved what you shared about your dad and Proverbs 31, I think some men were raised to not be very open emotionally – so I know that’s a great memory for you! Thanks Jennybean for your comment on the happiness quote – I really love it too – and think many people look in so many different places to find happiness

And I agree, Crafty mom that it’s so fun sharing with people in different parts of the state [or country] and seeing how similar and different things are – growing seasons for one… I’ve loved the Top Ten from Charlie Brown as well. When we visited the Peanuts statues at a park in St. Paul I looked up quotes and loved them all – I may have to share those next year…

Ahh - Gloria L. it’s craziness in Auburn when there’s a game. We try to go to at least one a year and used to could walk from the boys’ apartment so didn’t have to worry about parking. Are you signed up for the Teresa Collins classes in Georgia [March at EMI]? Jenni Bowlin? I may do Teresa’s, but Jenni’s is a little steep for me this time of year. I’m sure they’ll both be fun though!

Becky – thanks for the encouragement about the devil woman thing – I find if I fuel my body better then everything is better [for everyone – ha!] – but that’s hard to do when I’m feeling grumpy already!

Rosalee – it’s all about the circle of life around here – what’s funny is to be outside and watch the squirrels throw nuts at the cats – they try to get their revenge anyway! And you know I’m thrilled that the cats eat the chipmunks. They’re nasty little critters.

Hey Debra – I still have that sifter if you have hoosier cabinet without one –lol!!

Kathy – I have my photos organized via Stacy Julian’s method from her book, The Big Picture – the funny thing is, I’d already started dividing my photos this way before I bought the book – it makes it sooo easy to find photos when you want them! I meant to ask to see some of your Colorado photos last weekend – hope you post some on your blog or FB! Sounds like y’all had a wonderful time!

Pam – welcome to my blog – so neat meeting you!! I loved all the things you were working on Saturday – wasn’t that just the best time?!? I hope to go in April - do you?

Thanks to all for the good wishes on being published – it is kind of fun – but it’s something the Lord and I have been talking about [a lot] lately – there may be a blog post coming about that in the future – and Marianne – I do feel like I *know* many of my friends from on-line [so fun!] Your comments about my layouts were SO SWEET - seriously – for MOST of my layouts I use Stacy Julian’s ‘finish line’ method [can you tell I’m a HUGE fan of hers? LOL] – I just group a bunch of photos together in the center or to one side, add stuff around it, journal it and call it a day. [Supplies? Kits are the way to go!] I do try to have balance and a triangle of color and even spacing, but I usually spend very little time on most layouts…I share that as encouragement that anyone can make a great layout - "just stick it down" [as Stacy would say - lol] - thanks for the compliments.

And Kelly – the [fall] tree garland was made from scraps from my card stuff – I actually copied a tree rub-on and blew it up about 200% and used it as my pattern. Polka-dot trunks and patterned paper tops with little punched leaves make them cute. I’ve loved getting [back] into Halloween décor this year! More to come on that too!

Again – thanks to all who visit here – I read each and every comment and LOVE sharing with you all!!

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Hmmm...I am going to have to look into Stacy's books! I think I need better inspiration than I am getting from the many different techniques from Scrapbook's Ect. It isn't that I don't get the whole concept of scrapbooking, but I need to get a method down like you seem to have.

Can you tell me what kits you subscrib to? Maybe I need to think about going that route. I have seen Deb(Godzoned)on the Fiskateers doing a kit challenge each week and was going to participate, but I wasn't quite sure where she was going with it. If you would, could you send me the info at

Thanks so much, Judy! Your blog is right up there on the top of the list! You really do a great job of sharing your knowledge and love for life!