Sunday, October 24, 2010

Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway

Thanks so much for all of your comments throughout the month!
It's so fun to share together and
I love hearing your thoughts on some of things I put out there.
I appreciate each of you taking the time to stop by and visit!

I've subscribed to two monthly kits now [and am still busy cleaning out from the stuff I've had for years!] and try as I might to use it all,I [still] have a bunch of stuff to give away!- and I'm really tired of seeing the OMG abbreviation everywhere [I try hard to make my mind read 'oh my goodness!] So am hoping that we might also come to think of it as a

'Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway!

I plan to randomly draw a name from the comments on this post and send that person a little bag of [old stuff] goodies that hopefully they can use [new to them and all, you know...]
And another little note - I've moved to the flat rate box so I can pack it FULL each month!
[Just ask some of the previous recipients!]

- To enter -just browse through the blog and leave a comment about
your favorite post from OCTOBER.
Comments will close on November 1st at midnight [central.]

The Winner for September is:
BJ from Colorado
- send your mailing address to me:
and I'll get a little box of goodies out to you soon!


Rosalee said...

Hey there Judy. My favorite post is the Oct 21st post, I love reading all your responces to what other people have written. I also loved the LO about the raccoon. TFS your lovely work.
Hugs, Rosalee

Jennybean said...

I loved the idea of turning a plastic bag into a flower!

Gloria L. said...

Ten on Tuesday will forever be my favorite! As for EMI, need to check that out (Teresa has a good deal right now on selling her own kits). I already signed up for Jenni's event in Dec. We had a great time in April, and there were only 20 people there! Come if you can!

Kelly Massman said...

I would say that my favorite post from October is:
"Any concern
too small to
be turned into a prayer
is too small
to be made into a burden."
It's easy to forget that sometimes!
Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I love your 10 on Tuesday posts - they are little windows to your world.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I can't believe I forgot to leave a comment last night! I know this doesn't count. I actually posted on you Ten on Tuesday, that the reason I came to look at your blog last night was because I knew that I hadn't left a comment here yet. I just turned my laptop back on, and your blog was still the page that was on the screen. Silly me! :-) Good luck to each of the other ladies who made it on time! Thank you Judy for doing this each month. It is so nice of you to share!