Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Well, my week started off with some dental work – so NOT fun when almost my entire face is numb for most of the day. But it had to be done [old cavities, ya know.] And Drew had his post surgery visit and all is well – now he’s looking forward to replacing the seats in his jeep [he couldn’t pick up the new seats until now.]
  2. Found some old friends on Facebook this week – it really is fun to catch up with people. [I think I’m addicted to it.]
  3. All of my boys enjoyed some time together in Auburn when Craig and Drew spent the night at Matt’s house before the first game. [Report is that it has a nice college guy vibe to it.] Much thanks to John and Holly for saving them a park at our old apartment. [I think we’ll miss that place more than they will – it was just too convenient!]
  4. And triple thanks to Craig for finding just the right GLIDER for us to use as the base for the piecrust pattern I love. [But THIS IS IT – no more gliders will be coming home to our house!]
  5. Sitting out under the trees is just soooo relaxing.
  6. Craig also shared a sweet moment with a little guy named Nathan when he gave him an extra AU hat and Nathan wanted to give him a hug & pray for him. They talked a bit about being a fan, & I think Craig made his day when he shared that the most important thing was to be a Jesus fan.
  7. I enjoyed a weekend of scrapbooking – It is just so wonderful to have a fun group of gals that get together monthly! I’ve had a sinus crud going on so I didn’t get a ton done – but it was fun to visit and catch up! I did 7 pages + finished up 4 I’d done earlier in the week for a DT call.
  8. My Bible Study Group gathered this week after having the summer off. We’ve decided to not do our own study this fall, but instead plan to attend a joint study led by our women’s group at church. There’s a worship time included that I’m looking forward to –
  9. Little Pauly is earning his keep! Our older cat brought it to him but he sure seemed to take a liking to it. So happy he’ll be taking part in the chipmunk extradition around here. [And happy that the older cat is beginning to accept him..]
  10. And finally, we enjoyed walking through the Dog Days Flea Market this weekend – we picked up a glass fruit juicer, a blue glass insulator, another fig tree [different kind] and a flour sifter for our hoosier cabinet – the only problem is that when we got home, we found that OUR hoosier cabinet [the one we’ve had for over 25 years] has one intact and workable. Soooo – let me know if you’re in need of one –lol. [The sifter, not the cabinet.]


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...


You always have such fun things for your Ten on Tuesday!You really do pack a lot into one week@

So, you have gone from being without a glider to owning three of them! That is funny. When you have them all finished, maybe you have a glider party for several friends!

LindainNCtoo said...

I really enjoyed this week's Top 10 Tuesday post. :)