Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Well, this has been One. Long Week. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Tuesday morning Drew calls on his way to work saying he thinks he’s having an appendicitis attack – but needs to work a few hours anyway…[Gotta love the work ethic; he lasted about two hours.] After many tests / scans, fast forward to 6:30 that evening and he’s being wheeled to a room after surgery… [He’s re-cooping well and actually went to work yesterday.] We have some photos – but I’ll refrain from sharing them here…I"m not even sure they will go on a scrapbook page...
  2. After that long day we ran home to quickly pick up a few things for the overnight hospital stay [namely for Drew: some movies on his thumb drive to watch on his computer – yes, we love technology…]
  3. And I was [sweetly] surprised to see a new [old] glider setting in the back yard – a real glider! LOVE IT. I walked up the hill to take a quick sit, but didn’t fully enjoy it until the weekend. [Plan to have it powder painted for luxurious smoothness.] Did I say I loved it? And my sweetie husband who found it for me?
  4. While out and about in our yard the mosquitoes try to eat me alive – but never bother Craig – he did, however, have a HUGE horsefly on his back [at least two inches!!] I killed it [yes!] and was all smug thinking, “I’ll take the mosquitoes over THAT any day,” only to later realize IT DID BITE ME – TWICE.
  5. And if you’ve ever had a horsefly bite you know exactly the kind of pain I was in [again, even though it was on Craig, he has no bite or resulting pain. Go figure.] Mine swelled to the size of ping pong balls [SERIOUSLY] and hurt like the devil. Thank goodness we hade some benadryl spray handy and after using it several times a day for several days - it’s over. The last time I had a horsefly bite it took A MONTH to go away…
  6. Remember those muscadines we got in Georgia? I juiced them down one evening and made jelly [so easy with sure-jell] on a couple of other evenings. DONE – about three dozen pints. Yum. And so clear and pretty, if I might say so myself.
  7. The weather has been in the mid 90*s with humidity below 90% and we all feel like it’s ‘fall’ when in reality THIS is what I think summer should feel like! It’s been a nice break from the 100*+ temps we’ve had for the last 60 days or so…
  8. I still have tomatoes [& basil] in the garden and have enjoyed bacon and tomato sandwiches, bruschettta, and a caprese salad or two all week. Wonderful!
  9. I also enjoyed an early morning drive to Montgomery on Friday. [I really do love driving early in the day – but the all day meetings, and then the drive back, leave me exhausted.]
  10. And Matt is all settled in his new place at AU. Reports they pooled their money and bought a lawn mower. We know he’s going to have a great time living with guys he’s been good friends with since middle school.


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Always happy to see your 10 on Tuesday!

Your jelly is beautiful! Looks like honey. I bet it will be delicious!

Your early morning picture is so pretty. I am typically not a morning person. I do love the peacefulness that the early morning brings though. I guess I could say I like mornings, just not getting up in time to see them!

Martha said...

Your jelly looks so good. My grandmother used to make jelly all the time. I guess I am lazy and buy it at the store. Maybe one day I will try making it.