Thursday, August 26, 2010

IMO & Comments on Comments

Thanks for all the comments! I’m afraid I’ve been so busy this week that I have no time to condense my opinions on recent happenings to share with you – except one: In my opinion - don’t take everything you read on the internet as God’s honest truth! I’ve been making muscadine jelly and have found several different recipes that differ drastically with the juice to sugar ratio – craziness that could result in a lot of wasted sugar / juice and TIME – not that I know, because fortunately I caught this discrepancy before I started mixing – and I now have 22 jars of jelly that’s yummy!

So onto the comments – really, THANKS!!- About my openly sharing my beliefs – I may have shared this before – but when I was young and just starting work I met a couple of women a few years older than me and we discussed witnessing at work and one of them said something that has always stuck with me – “If I have a relationship with God and He is my friend , then I just naturally share with others the things He does for me.” And it’s so true! If I have a daily relationship with my Lord then it’s only natural that THAT relationship will flow out in my conversations….
SIL made the cute duck party hats using her circuit and the band is made like a giant chewing gum chain [how fun is THAT?!?] – It’s going on a scrapbook page FOR SURE. She did a great job!

Hope – thanks for the comments on the devotional / quote posts. I’ve always loved Corrie ten Boon SO MUCH. Have any of you read her books? They’re wonderful!
I love my Sunflowers too, but I planted seeds saved from last year and they weren’t quite as big as I’d hoped – so next year? New seeds. I’d love to share with anyone who lives closer [tomatoes too! Oh, and banana peppers – I LOVE to grow them, but we don’t eat them so much.] Congrats on your first garden Jennifer! – so fun, isn’t it? The ‘I’m a Keeper’ Shirt is priceless, especially since I think the dude wearing it looks like kewpie doll.

Aah, Marianne – I’ve thought of rescuing a rabbit, but you see, I have some fox that live in my backyard [crazy, I know since we really are right in town – I could walk to my dentist, grocery store, vet, and a couple of places to eat -- ] and I know one would tear out the cage to eat it –
Thanks for the comments on the beach photos – We. Love. The. Gulf. And despite what you might hear, most of the beaches have been oil free since the end of June [I’ve been to Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Panama City since then and seen them personally.] Go on down and ENJOY! It’s the ecosystem that’s really hurting from the oil…

Kelly sas – that painting? I learned a little trick at Inspired last year – take tracing paper and trace out what you want to paint, flip it over and rub it on your canvas and then paint away! That flower was straight off Donna Downey’s site, with my own touches on it, of course.
Donna – LOVED what you shared about the fig tree – you should do a scrapbook page with this story – great memories! The cuttings we got from a friend’s house are budding out! I may have TOO MANY FIGS soon – ha.

I should show y’all the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the barn photo – it’s a little washed out in real life – but I always love to see it’s reflection in the pond on my early morning drives to Montgomery. [Just a quick 'picnik' pick me up did the trick!]

EVERYONE – PLEASE! If you complete a monthly challenge let me know where I can see it – or put it in the Flickr site – I love seeing how everyone has a different idea about how to do the same thing!!

And lastly, the slideshow of my layouts moves around a bit on the blog – and I try to update the content every month or so. I scrap A LOT, but then, I’m an empty-nester… and, it’s my therapy!


Kelly Sas said...

I love what you shared about the woman at work saying about sharing your relationship with God. Great comment that I now will NEVER forget and certainly use. Thank!

MiamiKel said...

Beautiful story and I agree about the beaches! I live in South Florida and ours have been so beautiful this summer - truly refreshing post! Take care! :)

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

You bring such energy to your blog! To address each of us in a comment is so sweet. I know you are a person I would love to know in "person."
Thank you for all of the fun things you blog about!