Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We’ve had lots of rain this week – with those great big billowing thunderclouds that let loose in the late afternoons. Very nice way to cut the heat of these 100*+ days, and also nice for the garden.
  2. Dried tomatoes again this week – yum. LOVE THEM. I could eat them like raisins. My bigger tomatoes are finally making – but the stink-bugs like them as much as I do – so I had to pull out the 7-dust. [Whatever it takes to protect my tomatoes!]
  3. Craig and I started our weekend with the Art Stroll on the Square downtown on Thursday evening. I did see some fun artsy things – but it was mostly jewelry this time ‘round. [I bought a pair of cute earrings -handmade for 6 bucks...]
  4. Then we headed over to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate our 27th [YES!] anniversary. We enjoyed meals at Papadeaux and The Varsity, and ate at Top of the River in Anniston on our way home Saturday evening. Delish.
  5. We shopped at Ikea [FUN!], Garden Ridge, and a few other places and Craig found some just-picked muscadines and a fig tree ready to plant in our yard. Yippee!
  6. It was just so nice to be together, away from the every-dayness of life, to share and laugh and dream and reminisce. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend.
  7. I also enjoyed a little scrapbook time when I met some friends to take a class with Debby Schuh. [She is so sweet and always – always—puts together the neatest classes. Good to see Becky and Gloria and it was nice to visit with Debby too! So glad she makes the effort to teach classes in the South. – Thanks Debby! And Sweet Memories!]
  8. I’m trying so hard to get into a regular house-cleaning routine! I’m usually so organized, but now that I don’t have to keep up with school or sports schedules it seems I’ve just let things go nilly-willy. But I’m determined to Get. It. Together. The upstairs will be de-cluttered this week!
  9. And I’ve been working on our next class over on the Yahoo Group FaithBasedPagesClasses; it’s called Faithbooking 101: The Basics; I’m looking forward to hearing everyone share together as we go through it. Class starts September 7th.
  10. The week was complete when we found an old metal glider [*vintage*, ya know] for only $25 [we’ve been pricing them for a few months now and this was a STEAL] so we jumped in the car and made the drive to pick it up! Can’t wait to have it all prettied and painted! Love it already!


MiamiKel said...

Aw, Happy 27th year anniversary! What a blessing to have each other and for the years ahead - congrats!

Donna said...

Sounds like you have been happily busy!

Kelly Sas said...

I so love the story of your glider that you also posted on Fiskateers. Hope your son is recovering well.

Becky said...

It was great to see you too

Martha said...

I love glider. It brings back memories of my childhood. My aunt had one and we as kids love to sit on it and have fun. ENJOY IT!!!

Martha #6829 Fiskateer

Jessica said...

What a wonderful old glider! I haven't seen one of them in years! I didn't know they still made them! I just found you through the blog hop and am so glad I did. I jumped in to the Faithbooking class. I started one a couple of years ago. I did a couple of layouts and then stopped. There are many reasons why, but I want to get started again. I'm looking forward to my first 'assignment'! Thanks a bunch