Thursday, June 10, 2010

Putting Up Vegetables

This was such a BIG part of my ‘growing up’ years. Something I despised doing most of the time – but can now understand the thriftiness of it – and also the feelings of camaraderie as the job was done. But at the time – oh how I hated it. After Debby had the pool put in I can remember there often being a requirement of shelling a bushel of purple-hull peas or butter beans [or whatever happened to be ‘ready’] before we were allowed to swim for the day. [And, as a result, I don’t eat butter beans to this day -]

But I also remember the good times of sitting out under a shade tree [or under Ma’s carport – with her smiling as we talked and giggled], working away, as I listened to my Mom and her sisters talk about life. I remember how one might grow a bunch of stuff in their garden [or have fruit on their trees] or another might find it at a good price and purchase enough for all to share. I remember the smells of jams and jellies being made, the fun of water bathing tomatoes, and listening to hear each jar pop as it sealed. And I remember the simple beauty of jars of veggies and fruits lined on the shelf [peaches, green beans, tomatoes, blackberries, peas, apples, and beans] – somehow so much more special than the stuff we buy in cans today. I guess because they had a little love thrown in – what are some of your summer memories?

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Scrappy Rat said...

My favorite summer memories are of rainy days. I've never been an outdoorsy person, and I loved when the heat broke for a bit and rain cooled off the afternoon a little. It made an excuse to sit inside and read in the dimmed light coming through the windows, listening to the sound of the storm.

Your pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them in this post. :)

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