Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I got a haircut – at a salon [okay, okay -- a walk-in place] – the first one since September. [Eight months! But as you know, I’ve been trimming it along a bit…] I went for something different than the basic ‘bob’ that I go back to over and over again. And, I like it.
Mailed my membership to AARP this week – I tired to ignore it but they just keep reminding me that I’m over 50 now. So, I guess I’ll embrace it. Ha.
Drew learned a lesson about sun screen use earlier in the week – came home looking like a TO-mato after an all day [RC] airplane event, but he’s blessed with Craig’s skin and is very nice and tan now.

4. After the earlier complaints of the extra time and energy our new computer [training tracking system] program at work takes– I’ve gotta say that I’m loving it. So nice to see at a glance [for me] who has been to training / who needs it / etc.
5. Matt went wilderness camping again this weekend. And I heard talk about jumping from waterfalls – I’m sure I don’t want to know the details. I just have to [constantly] re-give him to the Lord each day.6. So, I enjoyed celebrating Jefferson Davis’ birthday yesterday – love our crazy state holidays! Tied the tomatoes up a bit more – wow! They sure are growing!
7. But my squash is being eaten as quickly as it can grow – it’s looking prêt-ty sad right now. I’m thinking it’s rabbits.8. Had some scrappy time at a place very close to home – it was fun and I think I got 8 -9 pages completed. They meet monthly – and I’ll be back for sure.
9. And, as already posted – I’m doing the Amazing [Scrap] Race over at Life Preservers. One week down – seven to go, and I have to say it’s already challenging and lots of fun to me.
Lastly – good news for the youngest – the company he’s worked for these past few summers has called with a position afterall. [He was originally thinking they didn’t have enough work to hire him. He starts today so the mohawk had to go…I’m sad, can’t you tell?

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