Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Never [ever] move a pound cake from one level of the oven to another mid-bake. It makes for a flat, but oh-so-sweet, heavy ‘thing.’ [I’m not sure I can call it a ‘cake’ – but people ate it, including me.] Rest assured, it DID NOT look like this, even though I DID use the Pioneer's Woman's delicious recipe.
2. I finally learned how to make a digital template – and I know I’ve shared that information with EVERYONE, but I’m just very pleased with myself.
3. There’s just something special about doing lunch with good friends – and Emma’ Tea Room was THE BEST place for our little group that hasn’t been together for far too long to go and catch up on a cold winter’s day.
4. Got good news from a favorite magazine today… and I have to say – I agree with my friend [who’s been published a ga-zillion times] you can just never be quite sure what they’re looking for in the scrapbook publishing world. Of the ten submitted, there were at least two others that I thought would be chosen [for sure.] I understand the publishers have to make choices based on color combination, size of layouts, etc. But I did especially love these:
5. But since I only do pages that mean something to me I’ll still treasure them for my own. [These photos of the boys from younger days had originally been scrapped the “late 90’s way” – and those of you who started with this great hobby back then know EXACTLY what I’m talking ‘bout. – So fun to have these favorite photos enhanced with some of the products available today! Also the layout of Trey and September’s wedding? – love it…]
6. Speaking of scrapbooking [– and weren’t we?] I am so enjoying using page packets and found some cute ones at JoAnn’s on-sale for $1.99. Yippee!
7. I want to knit something! It’s been so – so long since I’ve picked up my needles – and I saw some of the cutest caps while we were in Colorado that I really think I can make.8. We’ve started Beth Moore’s Psalms of Ascent in my Bible Study Group – she does such IN DEPTH research to present these studies to us. And while I’m not a history lover – she does a wonderful job of making the background stuff come alive for even me.
9. Waited most of the day Friday to see if we would, in fact, get the ice that was predicted. Ice in the South is far [far] worse than snow – it means falling trees and no electricity – and truthfully, we haven’t had an ice storm since we’ve moved to our little tree filled acre in town…and, nope, it didn't happen. This time.
10. And finally – we’re cooking a little more often at home these days [or, maybe, we’re bringing in more leftovers…] and this has resulted in more ‘stuff’ for the compost pile – and that makes me happy.


patty w said...

The cake looks scrumptious ! I think I should bake something today too ! But will I? :)

Becky said...

that cake looks yummie!!!!

and yep you just never know what they are looking for so keep on sumbitting. Every single one of your pages ;)By the way...I love those two pages

Lisa J. said...

Your pages are beautiful Judy! Glad to hear you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Your pages are beautiful, as always...the cake looks absolutely yummy...and I would go with you to Emma's Tea Room in a Minnesota Minute...now, back to work on paperwork...and working on gratitude for the job :)


Just a simple gal said...

Thanks y'all - I'm going to have try this cake again - without moving it [ha]I wish we could ALL get together at Emma's - what fun we would have!!