Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little ps fun

I know many of you read The Pioneer Woman [link to the right, and down a little] so you've already seen her sweet little tutorial on enhancing snow photos. And I wanted to give it a try - case in point, this precious photo of MK that I grabbed off her blog.
1. Is straight-off-the-blog, cropped by the parents , but I'm not sure if it was enhanced or straight out of the camera goodness - such a great photo
2. I played with it a bit a week or so ago -using some actions [I can't remember what] and thought I saw some changes at the time, and
3. Today I opened up the straight-off-the-blog photo again and used the [simple] hardlight and curves technique the PW shared - and I'm loving the results - but what do you think - that's what really maters!

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