Monday, February 1, 2010

Faith Based Pages Challenge - January

I hope some of you took the time to reflect on your 'every day blessings' these last two weeks. These could be big things or not so big - I just randommly chose three - my family - always and forever the biggest blessing ever to me, my scrap space - so nice to have space to just create freely, and my car - I'm 'on the road' an awful lot and it's nice to have dependable transportation [photo from when it was sitting on the lot waiting for pick up over a year ago.] If you've done the challenge this month, please feel free to comment or email and let me know where I can see it - I say it over and over - but I really do love to see how everyone creates differently.


rstuck2003 said...

I didn't do your challenge but I'm happy to have my family! I lost my Grandma on January 9th and then on Feb 1 I lost my cousin so this has been a rough year so far!

Just a simple gal said...

Oh renee - i'm so sorry to hear this - i'm praying for you during this time of loss! Family is so important- i've been writing down 'stories to tell' and so many of mine revolve around my grandmother;s house & she's been gone over 30 years now - i hope you can find comfort in good memories too.