Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Happy Things

This month I’m involved in several crafty adventures that have me looking at what inspires me – and so many of these are the same things that I’m thankful for in my life. [I’m finishing up Elizabeth Dillow’s BPS class, ‘Inspiration Defined,’ the FBP Challenge is about the little things we’re thankful for, and the FBP Classes lesson this week is focusing on gratitude in the everyday things. And of course, my word for the year is JOY and joy really does come from living a life of gratitude, doesn’t it? – So I have to share that while I’ve never been a big trinket kind of person – I don’t enjoy dusting around a lot of STUFF – I am a BIG believer in surrounding myself with little things that give me a little happy feeling.My motto is, "Every room needs a little whimsy"

I realize the photos are a little grainy - but you get the 'picture' - ha-

Do you notice a theme here? I love green – especially this apple-avocado color. It’s my fave and it just makes me happy. I enjoy drinking my coffee or hot tea from a mug that reminds me daily that God cares for me and all I have to do is ‘trust’ and my day will be better…the apple [from Cracker Barrel, am I regular visitor there, or what?!?] is BIG [maybe 8 inches] and just brightens my day when I walk through our dining area and see it; and the pots sitting in my kitchen window help me see the good things this world has to offer – soon I should have little seedlings of thyme, basil, and rosemary to season our meals with [and I hope to eventually plant outside in the summer garden.] If you look closely there are already some popping up.

Look around and discover what brings you a little happiness or joy as you go through the day. It doesn’t have to be limited to stuff – it could be people, things you hear, scents, things you see [think about things you’ve read this week or seen in advertisements – I’m loving the new Subway ad, btw, where the grown men speak in little boy voices], or magazines, or places you go. It’s there if we just look to see it. Seek out joy!

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