Monday, January 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Busy – busy work week with overtime + new time log system = ONE BIG HEADACHE.
2. I’m finally getting used to my ‘new’ bi-focal glasses – from Zenni – I’d recommend them to anyone!
3. Four months after a bad hair cut – it’s finally “like I like it” – that is the one and only time in my life when I’ve actually said, “Put down the scissors, we’re done,” and, “No. Seriously. We’re done.” I paid for it, but I sure wasn’t happy about having kindergarten bangs. [Photo above was taken several months ago, kind of mid-grow-out – it’s sooo much better now!]
4. Food is my enemy – maybe, not really… I need to do so much better there- and not just in the possible overeating – acid reflux has been a frequent visitor these past few days…
5. I hear birds singing in the early morning hours – spring is coming! Despite the forecasted 30* temp tonight…
6. I DO NOT enjoy driving in thunderstorms and tornadoes, and so, I didn’t. It’s nice to be in a place [work-wise] where I can freely make these decisions. It’s an awesome photo, isn’t it? [January 21st Huntsville tornado – photo from local news site]
7. LOVING the slide scanner my in-laws gave me for Christmas! It actually takes a little ‘snapshot’ of each slide as you put it through – very quick and oh, so easy! I went through over 800 of my slides during the weekend. And noticed that some will be spotty regardless of how much air you hit them with- ah, well, can I just pretend they already have a ‘grunge mask’ on them? I mean, some people pay for these digital elements! LOL
8. Of course, my slides are all in plastic sleeves so they can be held up to a light to choose – and choose I did via the LOM system – why scan those that I know I’ll never use? Note: I plan to scan Every. Single. One. of Joe’s slides so we can all have a copy...
9. I soooo enjoy our praise time at church – we attend the ‘blended’ venue* which has a little mix of hymns and praise – Mark does an excellent job in helping us worship before the sermon. [*Our church now has three venues: traditional – blended – and unplugged with 6 worship services – pretty neat.]
10. And finally – I saw a live chicken in someone’s yard this week – just walking around... it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been that deep in 'country' [Photo off the internet – no, I did not stop to document it- although I know many of you believe I would.]

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