Friday, January 29, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking?

I've played around with the idea of digital scrapbooking for several years now - mostly enjoy playing with it when I'm traveling and want to have a little creative fun - but I wanted to turn my 'Ten on Tuesday' posts into scrapbook pages and really thought digital would be the easiest way to make some clean and simple pages for this. It took me a while to set up the template - but I love it. I'll probably use differnet colors for each month. And I plan to have them printed on-line and will pick up a cute 11x8.5 album at Hobby Lobby to put them all in. By the end of December I'll have 52 pages of our life from 2010. How fun is that? I used Photoshop to set up the basic template and added background paper and other paper for decor - Light blue Solid [designer unknown] and Echos of Asia blue floral [Jessica Sprague.]
Now that I know how to set up a template [finally!!] I'm thinking of setting one up to quickly pull together some pages for the conventions and crops I've been to through the years. But these may be 'hybrid' - meaning I'll print the base and add in the photos and embellishments. But that's not on the front burner right now...

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Diana said...

Hi there! Great idea about making your Ten on Tuesday posts into a kind of project life book.
Thanks for coming by my blog.