Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafty Goodness

I’m loving these monthly kits from The Girl’s Loft – so fun and innovative. I may not use everything in each kit – but the stuff in there always inspires my creative thoughts – whether it’s projects to complete, stories that need to be told, or new techniques to try [I’m sooo NOT a glitter person- tho I’ll admit I think it’s pretty and seeing it around in the old salt shakers has me thinking about it a bit more… and I've used more buttons these last few months than I probably have the entire time I've been scrapping.]

One thing I’ve always enjoyed with kits is seeing how many projects I can make out of each one… and I feel like I’ve been on a roll with these kits from

The Girl’s Loft –

I got September’s Kit last week and here are the creations – so far:

Back to School [seen previously]

Judy – Kindergarten* [I never wore glasses as a kid – just trying on some without lenses to look ‘smart.’] Mk – Delight – a TOTAL scrap lift from Liz, and

Craig & Cara – Kindergarten*

Home – another scrap lift from Layle

And some cards made with leftovers [ photos aren't great, I know...]

*both of these photos were little 3x3 snapshots from the 60s that I scanned and played with in Picnik a little

– not great, but not too bad since they capture the memory.

I also [finally] ordered an ATG gun – and think I’m going too really like it – it’s big, yes, and has a bit of a learning curve. But it’s not unreasonably tricky to use. I’ve used it for a week and know it’s a keeper. I had to do something bc Duck [my all-time favorite adhesive] has made some changes that I just wasn’t loving. I’ve been wanting the ATG for over a year now, but with my stash of duck I just couldn’t justify it – now I’m down to TWO of the old ducks so I went for it and it was at my house in what? Maybe three days.


I’m armed and ready and already on the look-out for the October kit!

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