Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend - we went down to AU to visit with the boys - celebrate a birthday - and attend the game. Most of you know I'm not a huge [even big, or even slightly...] fan of football [give me soccer ANY day!] so this is a little gift for Craig - that I attend one college game a year with him – [my bonus is that we get to see our boys!] and I'll admit, there was a moment when I wished I had a magazine to read [like I'd take to read at the high school games between watching my little one play the drums in the band back in the day...] but fortunately there's A LOT going on at college games so, as a people watcher, I had some fun, and let me tell you – there are SOME characters out there in the world!.

[How's THAT for a run-on sentence?!?]

Our seats were over near where they let the eagle loose to fly so I got ONE good photo before she started her flight –

and after last week's craziness she pretty much flew a curve around only part of the stadium and went straight to the field. [We’re thinking they’ve been working with her ALL WEEK on that one.] I was surprised they let her fly again so soon – thought we’d see one of the golden's fly [which we never have – and I LOVE LOVE, LOVE to see the bald eagle fly so all is good -] Here's a photos from last year [she went a little crazy then too-]

We had a fun birthday lunch, some time to visit with our boys, and the game turned out good too – ha - so all is well - or will be as soon as our oldest is up and going 100% again [oink-?]. We ‘made a rule’ that if you’re too sick to go to class then you MUST go to the clinic…so far – lots of rest and liquids seems to be getting him through.

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