Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bit of my crazy life --

Have picked a couple of crops from the garden already - Can we just say - YUMmy?! And my boys have been building a wonderful tomato arbor to support the vines [photo soon!]Been walking every night on the treadmill - and it's pathetic how I've let myself get out of shape! Still - I have a goal and little steps to work toward it - we're doing the 5K [I know those who are in shape are thinking - wheEeE] as a family at The Gulf this year. But I've never done one so I'm looking forward to saying I did!

Made the final decision to register for CKU-Provo and I'm so very excited to be a part of this event, but I think I'm more excited to have some time to mingle and enjoy Utah once again with my sweetie. Do you think we should try the hike to the Y? And does anyone remember how far that is, exactly?

Both boys were in a wedding last week - very special and simply elegant event. Makes me realize once again how fast they are all growing!

Found out at the last minute I was one of 12 invited to the Governor's office to see him sign the proclamation for Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Very nice of him to take the time to be in the moment with us and talk about the needs of older adults. He even shared a quick story where the joke was on himself - that'll go in the ol' scrapbook...

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