Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Garden Update

I think the drought is officially over! We've had rain 5 - 6 days out of seven for the last few weeks and my garden is looking good.
[Say that in your best Ron Weasley know, from Harry Potter...]
The new rosemary looks a little washed out - but I'm hoping it will recover soon!
There's some weeding to be done because last year I mistakenly let the rotten tomatoes fall to the ground - so now there is a gazillion
little tomato plants all over the place!
And some 'regular' weeds too..Still - it's all growing well - I think the little pepper was a bit stunted by the cold weather because the boys asked if it was jalapeno and the answer is:
Uh, no, it's a bell pepper.
When we got in from being out of town [at Inspired! I still plan to tell you all about it!] I found that my tomatoes had grown so much they were already toppling over...
so I've put wire baskets around them for now - but we know we'll need to build a more substantial cage for each of them as they grow.The tomatoes and beans all have blooms!
I have put one good 'dose' of miracle grow on everything - so I know that has helped.I just love to see it all grow!

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