Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let’s Stay Hydrated!

Note: this was written several weeks ago and reserved for posting --

I was listening to Dr. Oz the other day [or maybe some other XM Radio doctor show…] and they stated that Americans, as a rule, don’t keep themselves hydrated enough. No surprise here. I’ve always been a big water drinker – “straight-out-of-the-tap-no-ice” for me, but was a little surprised by the formula given: divide your weight in half and THIS NUMBER is the current number of ounces in water we should be drinking each day! Let’s just be honest here and say that I’m not drinking QUITE THAT MUCH – but I’m working on it. And I do try to stay hydrated.

Another random tidbit of knowledge – some say that most headaches are caused by dehydration and that if the headachy person will drink a Gatorade as quickly as possible then the headaches will go away. Have to say – I don’t have headaches often [not counting those obvious sinus ones I have this time of year] so I tried this – and it has worked for me and my occasional headaches on more than one occasion…

Edited: I didn't follow my own advice and failed to drink my usual [usual for me is almost always a large cup of coffee and a 32 oz tea during the morning hours and at least 64 oz of water throughout the afternoon, and maybe a little more water in the evening...] amount of water while attending Inspired and guess what? I was so headachey and so tired by the end of the weekend that I was a pitiful mess. I've spent the last few days pushing fluids [let's talk gatorade people! There's now one with half the calories!] and am just now feeling a little energy coming back. I'll need to stay mindful of this and STAY HYDRATED.

Inspired was almost too wonderful to explain... but I'll try later on in the week....

For now, please join me and pray for a precious girl in our lives and her friends as they are on a mission trip to Timbuktu these next few weeks. [130* there! Yikes!]

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