Friday, May 15, 2009

Okay OKAY already!

I’ve been unpacking and sorting and putting things away from INSPIRED! all week and this led to re-organization [yes Lisa – I now have more paint than will fit in my little paint cubby… and it’s FUN] and then, of course, attempts at completion of projects… whew what a sentence! Keep in mind that it was my first time to try some of these artsy things and I realize improvements can be made. With that said – here are my projects - above and below -- [ta-DAAAA]:

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time decompressing and sorting through yahoo posts and face book photos from the event – This really is the best event I’ve ever attended – haven’t been to CE or the new CKU format so they may be comparable – but I have been to a LOT of events – both as attendee and as a vendor / teacher – in the past few years. And I can say without a doubt that INSPIRED! Is the best ever to me! How fun is this?!

[photos not taken by me. hee hee hee]

I’ve tried to write snippets of the experience [I’m cheating and using these for the CZ class [at BPS] about using face book / twitter for your journaling.] In an effort to not bore you too much – I’ll just share the three [okay four] things that I think made INSPIRED! extra special:

1. TIME to completely immerse myself in the process and totally forget the outside world, magical!, dare I say it? Almost like Disney? [Those who know me well now know I really REALLY loved INSPIRED!]

2. LIMITED REGISTRATION – only 250 participants here folks! What a difference this makes in the feeling of intimacy and relaxation – and SPACE.

3. Designers! Designers! Everywhere! Teaching! Participating in classes! And going from class to class telling us all how great we are! It was really fun to have some time to see how some of my favorite designing minds work – both in and out of the creative environment.

4. Introducing my sweetie to Cathy Z in the elevator – like she was a regular person – lol! Craig and I love to travel and explore new places together and it was extra nice to have time with him after a long day of creativity. And he had fun with a fair amount of personal shopping while there. Sorry I was so wiped out by Sunday, baby.

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morningDove said...

sounds like you and hubby had a blast. and thank you again for my package of goodies from the book read and from the class at Inspired. they are greatly appreciated.